Sunday, August 15, 2010


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A week ago I was asked by someone to expose a gentleman (and I use that term LOOSELY) that has gained notoriety on the internet and on television by videotaping city employees in the act of committing traffic violations, then posting the videos on his Youtube website. The person that e-mailed me to expose this Justice character made the accusation that Jimmy Justice’s practices seemed to have racial undertones. My first reaction was to ask the person that e-mailed me what race THEY were. They replied that they were African American. The first thought that came to my mind was that this person was a black reactionary that saw anything that white people did as being racist, and heard about my website and how I expose people for their wretchedness, then decided that he was going to get me to do HIS dirty work of getting back at this Jimmy Justice character for him by writing about what I observed and posting it on my blog site. I decided that I would research this "Jimmy Justice" to see if there was any credibility to him being racist in the way that he conducted his “targeting”.
The first thing I did was google him and saw that all of his top links were video related. I saw a video stream provided by msnbc of a special that was done on him, so I decided to start from the “top” so to speak. In the introduction of the special, it was pointed out that he is a self proclaimed “video vigilante” in New York that takes it upon himself to video tape city employees; police officers, meter maids, traffic officers, etc. in the act of committing the same traffic violations that they cite thousands of citizens a day for. My first thought was that this guy is a HERO; a regular citizen on the street with a video camera, documenting laws being broken by the very employees that enforce those same laws……….aaah, the sweet, SWEET irony. A few more minutes into the special, and I started to notice a pattern, a pattern that took a darker turn, and one which seemed to expose Jimmy's true “agenda” as ANYTHING but objective “justice”. There were 2 things that stood out during the special that would make one reconsider what this guy’s motives TRULY were. First, in the special, I can’t remember the EXACT number of city employees that were videoed, but I think there were approximately 6 to 8 of them. All but TWO of the people videoed were BLACK. The 2 that weren’t black were a white meter maid and an east Indian traffic officer. Other than those 2, every other employee filmed was BLACK. In addition, Jimmy Justice conducted himself in a very angry, immature and inappropriate way with each of the people he filmed. He literally SCREAMED at every person he filmed. When I say “screamed”, he would scream so LOUD at each of the employees he filmed, in one instance where he was screaming at a black female officer, you actually SEE A DROPLETT OF HIS SPITTLE fly off on the right hand corner of the camera’s view. He was BEYOND being “out of line” with some of the people he filmed. He was IRATE towards them. With the way that he conducted HIMSELF while filming these employees, he lost credibility QUICKLY. As you watch him film each employee, even though as a citizen, you agree that city employees across the nation definitely DO commit the same traffic violations they enforce on a daily basis, you begin to disagree with the way that Jimmy Justice conducts himself as he films them. As you watch each video snippet, you start asking yourself, why is EVERY person he’s filming BLACK? Correct me if I’m wrong, but New York city is the highest populated city in the United States. Also, New York [state] has the largest influx of WORLDWIDE immigrants (I‘m not talking about the specific MEXICAN illegal immigration infiltration that we southern U.S. americans are dealing with). New York has the largest racial mix of immigrants from all over the world that have immigrated to the U.S. Because of THAT, it should be safe to assume that New York’s police dept. and traffic enforcement dept. have quite a large ethnic mix of employees, regardless of what culture dominates any given area, be it the Bronx, Brooklyn, New York City, or Manhattan. There are plenty of white city employees that work in each of those areas, even though racially, the citizens may be mostly made up of minorities. Here in Los Angeles, regardless of a neighborhood being “all black” or “all Mexican”, you’re DEFINITELY going to see more than your fair share of WHITE city employees, and rest assured that PLENTY of those WHITE city employees commit the same traffic violations that the black and mexican city employees do. That does not seem to be the picture that Jimmy Justice paints for the public. He seems to want the American public to believe that every time he turns on his camera and walks out his door to film a city employee committing a traffic violation, the only ones his “camera eye” witnesses are of BLACK racial descent. I know that if I were a vigilante videographer, my VERY FIRST CONCERN would be that the public that viewed my videos saw them as being two things; objective, and unbiased. If I were out filming city employees committing traffic violations, I would want that video footage to show that the LAST THING I am is racist. My footage would not lean towards RACE or VENGEANCE; it would lean towards exposing city employees (regardless of race)committing the same traffic violations that they cite citizens for, plain and simple. No yelling, no temper tantrums, and no racial preferences.
After viewing the msnbc special, I decided to look at his youtube channel site, as I knew that there would be a lot more material on there that the tv special simply did not have the time to include. When I went to the site, I observed that there were 27 video clips of the subject material under the “uploads” tab. There were more videos at the “recent uploads” and “favorites” links, but I didn’t have the time to go through all those, plus I knew that the “uploads” tab was going to show the videos that HE felt best represented the main doctrine of his website, so those were the ones I chose to view. Below, they are listed in order, and by what RACE the employee who committed the traffic violation was. I did not list whether they were cops or traffic officers because that is a given on ALL the videos, as it SHOULD be. The reason I did that was THIS. The point of the site is to expose city employees on video as they commit traffic violations. THAT should be the ONLY CONSTANT in each of the videos. There should be no racial constant and there should be no verbal abuse from citizens towards city employees. There should only be video footage of the violations being committed. That’s what the site is SUPPOSED to be about, and that’s what it should SOLELY represent. Take a look at the list I created and tell me if you see any racial consistencies from video to video:

1. Initiates verbal confrontation with black female city worker

2. Films white off duty cop (Justice never verbally confronts the cop until the cop almost took his camera)

3. Initiates verbal confrontation with black male city worker

4. Initiates verbal confrontation with black male city worker

5. White male city worker being filmed (Justice never verbally confronts the white city worker)

6. Initiates verbal confrontation with black male city worker

7. Initiates verbal confrontation with black female city worker

8. Initiates verbal confrontation with black female city worker

9. Initiates verbal confrontation with black female city worker

10. Initiates verbal confrontation with black female city worker

11. Initiates verbal confrontation with black male city worker

12. On vacation in Germany (seen being FRIENDLY with WHITE police officers)

13. Initiates verbal confrontation with black male city worker

14. News footage montage

15. "Star Jones" talk show interview (where Justice appears slightly combative with BLACK show host, Star Jones)

16. Initiates verbal confrontation with black male city worker

17. Initiates verbal confrontation with black male city worker

18. Initiates verbal confrontation with black male city worker

19. ABC tv show special montage

20. "Inside Edition" tv show special

21. Initiates verbal confrontation with black male citizen (that almost kicks JIMMY'S ass, my personal favorite video)

22. Initiates verbal confrontation with black female city worker

23. Initiates verbal confrontation with black female city worker

24. Initiates verbal confrontation with black female city worker

25. Initiates verbal confrontation with black female city worker

26. Video was blocked from view

27. Initiates verbal confrontation with black female city worker

As you can see, of the 27 video clips, 20 included black people. In 19 of the 20 video clips that included black people, Justice was verbally confrontational towards the city workers involved (I excluded the “Star Jones” video because he knew better than to act too “racist” on national tv). In the videos where he filmed white people, he did NOT initially set out to verbally confront them, only to video tape them. In watching these clips, there are a few conclusions that one can come to (please note the HEAVY sarcasm)….

1. WOW! In New York, they only hire BLACK cops and traffic officers! I didn’t know that! It MUST be true! Jimmy Justice “proves” it with his videos!

2. Only BLACK cops and traffic officers commit traffic violations.

3. You have to SCREAM at all black people because they are all born with a hearing deficit (must be “genetic”)

4. If you’re a white racist and own a video camera, that gives you a perfect method to execute your hatred towards black people (LEGALLY no less!) with immunity from being arrested.

Back to being serious……if you look at the comments in the “Channel Comments” section on his site, you will see that the comments SMACK of racial divide. There are literally THOUSANDS of comments from either white people that give Justice the praise of a president while trying desperately to restrain themselves from using the word “nigger” in their comments, which you can easily tell that MANY of them would use if they could without being labeled as a racist, then you have the black people condemning him for his videos, easily sensing the racially motivated undertones in them. My PERSONAL opinion of Jimmy Justice and his website after this little “investigation” is........I believe he is a low to mid level racist. I believe that he has a problem with black people, (particularly black WOMEN), possibly based on the way he’s been treated by one or more of them in the past. I believe that he does what he does with racial undertones. He’s found a way to kill 2 birds with one stone. He’s found a negative aspect of society that MOST people can relate to, and he’s manipulated the execution and distribution of it so that he can shine a negative light specifically on black people under the guise that he is representing the MAJORITY of a frustrated society, while he is actually surreptitiously catering to a RACIST subset of society. My personal challenge to Jimmy Justice…..BRING YOUR VIDEO VIGILANTE TACTICS TO THE WEST COAST. Come to Los Angeles and spend a week filming some BLACK police and traffic officers committing traffic violations. I GUARANTEE you that before the first DAY of filming is over, you will be in JAIL. I don’t understand WHY the east coast city employees choose to let you get away with that BULLSHIT, but you won’t be able to play THAT game on the west coast. Cops out HERE don’t tolerate video cameras being shoved in their faces while they’re simultaneously being SCREAMED at. ACCEPT MY CHALLENGE. I’m sure you have enough WHITE followers to donate a few bucks each so that collectively you can get enough money to rent a motel out here in L.A. for a week or so. You come try that out HERE, and your videos will most DEFINITELY have a different ending in them. They will ALL end with you being handcuffed, arrested and going to JAIL.

[EPILOGUE] - Go look at his Youtube site for yourselves. Be your own judges. Look at each of his videos and decide for yourselves whether or not he seems to gather video footage that only shows black city officials committing traffic violations. Is his method of videoing as random as he wants people to believe, or is he actually pushing a HIDDEN agenda under the one that his website was supposedly created for? YOU DECIDE…..



  1. it is just a coincidence , but in NYC 90 percent of the meter maids are black women. Therefore you will notice that ratio in the videos.

  2. by the way , thank you for your review of my videos. I do not target officers by race. I do not have a racist agenda.
    Also , I was not combative with Star Jones, but rather with her other guest who was invited to give an alternate opinion. Star Jones was super nice to me, and I will always remember her for being a genuine caring person, and not the typical stuffed shirt tv anchor.

    You made a point that I lose credibility by yelling and screaming. I would agree with you on that issue. However, I have toned it down somewhat, and I hope my new kinder attitude will reflect in my future videos.

  3. I noticed this as well watching Jimmy on MSNBC. I love what he is doing but i was only watching for 5 minutes and noticed that the majority were African American I found that unatracting the public and his audience/followers. It could be misinterpreted into hate crime. And that is a crime (obviously) by itself.