Monday, November 1, 2010


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This is an issue that will NEVER die. I used to think that racism was the top issue that would never die. Lo and behold, more people dwell over penis size than racism. Racists dwell over penis size and NON racists dwell over penis size. By default, as I said, MORE PEOPLE. As a matter of fact, penis size is statistically one of the most milled over issues ON THE PLANET. There are men out there right now thinking, “FUCK world hunger. I wonder if [insert female’s name here] thought that my dick was big enough…….”. Inversely, there are many women out there that are at this very moment thinking, “[insert man’s name here] said that he had a 7 inch dick. It felt more like 4 inches when he put it inside me…..….”. Well, there are 2 things that go hand in hand when it comes to penis size; men who LIE to women about the length of their dicks, and women who LIE about the length of their mate’s penis being “satisfactory”. Let me make it clear that this article is not meant to educate the reader about penis size, it is instead meant to EXPOSE women for the LIARS they are when they state that penis size doesn’t matter to them. This article is also meant to expose men for the LIARS they are when they tell women their penis sizes. A poll based on sex and relationships concluded that 50% of men lie to women about their penis lengths before having sex with them. That’s saying that HALF of males out there are embarrassed about the length of their dicks to the point where they LIE to women about its actual length. This same study concluded that 75% of women have at some point lied to a man about the length of his penis being satisfying when in fact it was too short for her pleasure. That’s saying 75% of women out there have at some point LIED to a man that they were fucking that his dick was of a “filling size” when in fact it wasn’t, for the sake of not hurting his feelings. The fact of the matter is that there is no point for women to lie to men, because in the U.S., the penis length that is rated as being “average” is 6 inches. That is across the board, including ALL U.S. men of ALL races. If it was to be broken down further (which I will do later on in the article) there are determining factors (such as race) that further illustrate average lengths between men, with RACE being the determining factor.
The sex “industry” is a multi BILLION dollar per year business. The phrase “sex sells” is one of the TRUEST cliches in existence. There are certain factors that dictate how well the sex sells. Viagra is a prime example. One day, a little blue pill enters the medical marketplace with the claim that when taken, it can make a man’s dick stay erect for up to 4 hours. That’s basically selling the promise that a man can fuck a woman for hours with a strong, hard dick. Do YOU know any men that wouldn’t want to be able to do that? Well, apparently, there are a lot of men that DO want to be able to do that, because as of NOW, Viagra has accrued a current total worldwide sales estimate of HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS. ONE pill that provides ONE sexual performance enhancement = 500 BILLION DOLLARS. Can you say, “SEX SELLS LIKE A MUTHA FUCKA”? Another sex seller; breast implants. Women are just as disillusioned about the size of their titties as men are about the size of their dicks. Yeah, there are some men out there that are shallow enough to say that a woman is “better” if her titties are bigger, but that in and of itself should not be enough for a woman to go out and spend between $5,000 and $15,000 for some FAKE ones. The vast majority of men are turned OFF by implants. Most men will choose small, natural titties over large fake implants. Implants are nothing more than the result of a woman with low self esteem. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule, like women who have a mastectomy, but if the only reason a woman gets implants is “cosmetic” in nature, then that’s a woman who passed up confidence building courses in lieu of a quick fix of implants in hopes that more men will give her “attention”.
PORN………the highest grossing sex commodity of them all. Porn has been around (on video) since the late 1800’s, and it’s current estimate of total sales equals more than 5 TRILLION DOLLARS; that includes all videos, toys, services, etc. up to date. Do you know how much MONEY that is? An industry does not make 5 TRILL unless people feel they REALLY want that product. Everything from videos to sex toys to naughty clothing to prostitutes; it’s all out there for people to get off on in one way or another. When you break it down, there are certain aspects of the trade that sell more than others. When broken down into detailed specifics, you find out what sells the most within a given niche. With standard porn (which is what the majority of society is into), there are certain “guaranteed” money makers. Regarding men who watch porn, they want to see female porn actors with big titties, a small waist, a high sexual libido and a nice ass. With male porn actors, there is a money maker that surpasses all others. One might think that having a buffed, muscular body would be the most common request that women who watch porn have of the male porn actors. NOPE, the highest reported request of male porn actors that women have who watch in porn is, YOU GUESSED IT, a man with a HUGE DICK. That is sought after more by women who view porn than a man with a nice body. A fat male porn star with a big dick is more lucrative in porn than a muscle bound man with a small dick. The porn industry has fine tailored its fulfillments drastically over the past 15 years. The highest selling porn of the 70’s, 80’s, and much of the 90’s featured men of average body size. The ones with the big dicks were the highest paid actors. In the mid 2000’s, porn has done a complete makeover, and from a MALE standpoint, the standards are much stricter. NOWDAYS, in porn, women pay more to see the best of BOTH worlds. The highest paid MALE porn actors are the ones with a combination of the muscled body, a pretty face, AND a huge dick. Women no longer pay their hard earned money for fat, skinny, or flabby men, even if they have big dicks. If a woman is going to dip into her paycheck to pay for porn, the guy has to be built like a Greek god, have a handsome face, rugged to pretty in nature, and have a dick the size of a baby’s arm. Those types of male porn actors are the ones that are sought out and paid top dollar. Since the vast majority of men on the planet are NOT blessed with that genetic combination, then to have even ONE of those attributes gets a man more women than not. And of the THREE, if you ask a man which one he would choose if he could only choose ONE, 99 times out of 100, he’d choose having a huge dick over being handsome, or having the perfect body. The reason for this? In all of history, a large penis has been considered the ultimate sign of male virility. Just think, there are weird, sick women that have sex with male HORSES because of this. A woman’s vagina being completely filled by a giant penis is the single most complete (sexual) fantasy that exists for females. There is no sexual fantasy a woman will attest to that tops making love to a man with a penis that is so long that it’s head taps her cervix on every down stroke. Some women go their entire LIVES never meeting a man with a penis that long, hence the purchase of extra long, human shaped dildos. Have you ever wondered WHY a woman goes out and buys a 10 inch long dildo perfectly formed like a penis? It’s because she wants to know what it’s like to FEEL a giant penis inside of her, VALIDATING the term “SIZE MATTERS”. Women do not go out and buy 3 inch penis shaped dildos. They go out and buy the longest ones that will fit into their pussies, and when they USE them, they pump the dildos so that they can feel the fake head of it hitting their cervix. THAT feels better to them than a REAL man’s 5 inch penis that she can barely feel halfway down her vagina…….once again, because “SIZE DOES MATTER”. We all come in different sizes. This applies to women and their vaginas. There are some vaginas that are not very deep at all. There are some that can only take 6 inches of penis before the head of it is tapping the woman’s cervix. Then there are women who cannot be “filled up” by a 9 inch human penis and have to go out and buy a 12 inch dildo to experience cervical tapping. My penis is 7.5 inches long. I’ve LIED and said it was 8 inches before. I’ve had sex with women where the head of my dick was hitting their cervix on each down stroke, then I’ve had sex with women where my dick head never made it NEAR their cervix, even when fucking them at full, rhino energy pounding. Some women have told me that my dick was huge, others have told me average. The woman’s race usually dictates how she judges size. For example, when I fuck Latinas and white women, about 90% of the time, they tell me that I have a big dick. When I fuck black women, I’d say that only about 25% of them have told me that I had what THEY felt was a “big dick”. The other 75% of black women I’ve fucked have rated my dick as being “average” in length. This brings me to the next subject, penis size according to RACE…………
It has been proven that certain races have a longer penis length “average” than others. Let me start by listing the stats:

1. Asian men – average penis length 4.0 inches
2. Latin men – average penis length 5.5 inches
3. White men – average penis length 6 inches
4. Black men – average penis length 6.5 inches

Next, men (by race) with penis lengths 8 inches or longer

1. Asian men – 0.1 percent of asian male population
2. Latin men – 1.6 percent of latin male population
3. White men – 4.2 percent of white male population
4. Black men – 5.9 percent of black male population

As you can see in both studies, black men rated at the top of the scale. The average length of a black man's penis is 6.5 inches. 5.9 percent of the black male population has a penis length of 8 or more inches. This does dispel one myth in particular. Not ALL black men have “huge” dicks. At the same time, it verifies another myth. Black men (on average) have longer penises than other races of men. What does that mean for WOMEN? It means that (statistically), their chances of fucking a guy with a big dick are highest if they sleep with black men. This is verified by high instances of interracial dating that occur with black men and various races of women. Inter racially, women of other races that date BLACK MEN occurs the most. It occurs more than any other instances of various races of women that date white, latin or asian men. The LOWEST instance of interracial dating interestingly occurs between various races of MEN that date BLACK women. Statistically, black women are at the BOTTOM of the totem pole of females that are sought after by various races of men, “reportedly” due to their overly arrogant and manipulative personalities. Black MEN are the MOST sought after interracial conquests of women of various races due to their penis size. Let me say it AGAIN…………”PENIS SIZE DOES MATTER”. If you’re a black man in today’s society, you’re a “victim” of 2 recurring issues, first and foremost, because of the color of your skin (and your penis size) men of other races are racist against, and jealous of you, and will treat you accordingly as much as they can get away with. The OTHER recurring issue? The WOMEN of those men of other races all secretly want to FUCK you because “statistically” your penis is longer than her man’s. Oh, what a tangled web the black man weaves……..


Sunday, September 5, 2010


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Taking into consideration the fact that I am just as critical towards black people as I am towards other races, I rarely acknowledge racism as being a justifiable excuse as a means to an end. My personal opinion is that if you are a victim of racism, you simply remove it from your element. Do not let it be a determining factor in anything that happens around you. If you recognize it for what it is, then simply do what it takes to adjust that situation so that it is no longer influencing you, or anything around you. I utilized that mindset as my personal axiom when I was younger and have lived better for it all my life. The problem with many people (especially black folks) is that they allow it be a crutch in their lives. It reserves a state of “oppression” within the black race’s ethos, which causes a constant feeling of [self induced] inferiority in comparison to the white man. This is what brings me to the crux of this article. The MEDIA is the single most influential form of social information dissemination in American society. Obviously one of the most popular media outlets is televised news. Even with the internet currently being one of the most ubiquitous news sources, tens of millions of people still watch the news (on tv) to see what’s going on, and now, much of the news is viewed on the internet in the form of video clips, which illustrates the point that even though the internet is preferable to television by the younger generation, television has accommodated this shift by providing their video footage on the net for viewing. Because of this, [televised] media remains one of the top sources of media information.
Many minorities have faulted the media for surreptitiously propagating racism, particularly televised news media. I used to scoff at this in the past. In the past 10 years (due to the shift from tv to internet as being 1 of the main media sources) now I’m not so sure. Being on the internet, news is now more of an interactive experience where people can collaborate and comment on any given news story, which provides the racist wack jobs with a platform; a way to solicit their hatred of other races and to openly share their racism with others like them. They couldn’t do that 15 years ago when simply watching it on tv, at least not to the extent that they can on the internet. There have been many studies and surveys conducted by the media regarding the issue. It benefits them in that they can now closely track audience statistics and analyze the data, ultimately boosting their ratings based on the findings.
Starting with news coverage, why is it that most of the time, when a [black] bystander is interviewed during news coverage, they somehow end up being the most embarrassing, ignorant representation of the black race that the news reporter can find? When I say this, I mean they actually physically look like they were the worst choice the news reporter could have made, yet it happens many times. They will find the black person that is the most unattractive, complete with obviously extra large lips, unkempt hair, overweight, poorly dressed, louder than average voice, the blackest idiom , and will choose this person as the one whose “opinion” they want to hear on the related news event. If you scan the background crowd, you will notice plenty of decent looking, well dressed, intelligent looking black people that they could have chosen instead, but they didn’t. They choose this black embarrassment of a person to be seen by the millions of people watching as the one who can best convey the situation at the scene. This seems to be the standard for news reporting, particularly the Fox News Network. They are repeatedly mentioned as practicing unscrupulous tactics to keep their ratings up, particularly in the way they present news involving people of color. They have a certain “formula” that they use to literally drill the most negative aspects of a racially based news story into its viewer’s heads, sometimes to the point where if you’re a minority, you can’t bear to watch it anymore out of anger. If the media is in fact using these tactics to paint a certain picture of minorities, one would have to ask, “Does it work?” Do people actually watch news footage and base their cogitations of other races on it? In a study / survey conducted about racial relations based on media information and influence, FORTY PERCENT of [white] participants admitted that they base, at least in part, their prejudices of other races (the number one race being black) on the information they obtain from various media sources. What was the number one prejudice that white people had towards blacks that was media based?............*CRIME*. THE NUMBER ONE [MIS] CONCEPTION THAT WHITE PEOPLE HAD ABOUT BLACKS [BASED ON THE MEDIA] IS THAT DUE TO DEMOGRAPHICS AND CULTURAL UPBRINGING, BLACK PEOPLE [BY DEFAULT] HAVE A HIGHER PROPENSITY TO COMMIT CRIMES THAN OTHER RACES. Survey wise, white people said that the most they see black people on tv was via crime related news and reality tv shows, ergo, they assumed that black people are basically criminals. The 60 percent of white people who did not judge other races based on what they saw in the media were white people that were born and raised, and / or employed amongst other races, particularly blacks and hispanics. This illustrates that you have a lot of ignorant white people on this planet who instead of educating themselves about other cultures, choose to let the media influence them, and unfortunately, the media is not about education, it’s about RATINGS. You end up with a lot of disillusioned white women who clutch their purses and put their arms tightly around their teenage daughters every time a black man is walking next to them on the street because they assume that since the man is black, he’s going to steal her purse, then abduct and rape her daughter. They base this fear on what they see on the news. You end up with a lot of disillusioned white men who will do whatever they can to make sure that any black man they interact with is underneath them. They make sure that black men don’t get positions of power or superiority in companies and businesses, they make sure that blacks stay locked up in prisons longer than other races for the exact same crimes committed, the police make sure that out on the street, blacks are harassed, humiliated, intimidated, and surveilled as much as humanly possible. With law enforcement it’s particularly pathetic, as one would assume that in their line of work, they would be better judges of character than most of society because of the fact that they deal with people all day, every day. That is definitely not always the case. There are many police officers on our streets that grew up around only whites, and live and work around only whites. Those police in particular are the ones that internalize the media and base their treatment of blacks on what they see, just like the millions of other ignorant white citizens out there. These are the cops that pull black people over on traffic stops and invent reasons as to why. These are the cops that are eager to disrespect you and everything you stand for if you are black. These are the cops that will draw their gun on you, even though you are giving them absolutely no reason to do so…….and these are the cops that have “accidentally” emptied their clips into black men that had no weapons and weren’t being combative; all because they judged that black person, and every black person by what they see on the media about black people.
Another media outlet that will manipulate race to get ratings is reality shows. Depending on which show you watch, you see a blatant racial dichotomy. Most of the reality shows that feature positivity, fun, personal gain /growth seem to have a [majority] of white people in them; “Survivor”, “America’s Next Top Model”, “Big Brother”, “American Idol”, “Jersey Shore”. Those are some examples. Those types of shows range from fun to stupid, but they are not considered to be “negative” in nature, and most of the people featured in them happen to be white. Most of the reality shows that have a negative [criminal] element seem to have a majority of minorities in them; “Cops”, “The First 48”, “Lockup”, “D.E.A.”, “Cold Case Files”, and all those “Court TV” type shows. In those types of shows, the majority of the “participants” are either black or latino. Any kid from the tv show “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?” could grasp the main gist these reality shows are trying to convey; White people = fun / positive life……..minority people = criminal / negative life. White people see these reality shows and translate them as a literal racial classification. When they want to watch a “black” reality tv show, they tune into “Cops” (many viewers actually identify “Cops” as being a “black” tv show). When people want to watch a white reality tv show, they tune into “Jersey Shore”.
A related type of tv show to the reality show would be the more specific “talk show” genre. I’m not talking about the standard talk shows like “Dave Letterman” and “Jay Leno”, where the main guests consist of celebrities and there is no audience participation, I’m talking about the “discussion based”, or “panel based” talk shows wherein specific issues are discussed at length. These shows base their material on a specific subject, or set of subjects and choose a small panel of participants (sometimes from opposing sides, and sometimes all from the same point of view) to discuss the subject. In this type of media, just as in the others I’ve mentioned up until now, racial tones are in many cases, blatantly apparent. When you have a talk show where the subject matter is intelligent, educated, and positive, the majority of the guest panel seems to be white. “Oprah” (yes, OPRAH), “Phil Donahue”, “Montell Williams” (yep, him TOO), “Ellen”, “Dr. Phil”, “Regis And Kelly”, all host shows in which the majority of the subject matter is of intelligent design, and in most cases, their guest panel is a majority of decent, intelligent people, mostly white. Then you have what most minorities refer to as the “ghetto talk shows”. These are the talk shows whose panel is usually comprised up of young, under educated, mostly minority participants; “Jerry Springer”, “Maury Povich”, "Sin Censura" and “Geraldo” are the most famous ones. These shows usually have subject matter that is based on strife; strife in relationships, racial strife, and gender based strife. These shows thrive on negativity, and they weed out minorities to act out this strife. True to form, you have guests that do things from fist fight with each other, to spit on each other, to take off their clothes; all extremely tasteless, immature ways to handle their personal problems. The media wants you to believe that only minorities handle their problems this way, so 60% of their guests are black and hispanic. The ignorant white public sees this on tv and mentally ingests it. Little white “Johnny” sees it and asks his dad why all black men leave their girlfriends after they get them pregnant; little white “Suzy” sees it and asks her mom if she can have sex when she’s 11 years old too, just like the Mexican girl on the talk show. These ignoramuses see this stuff and "conclude" that an entire race conducts itself in the same fashion. They see a young, pregnant minority girl walking down the street and say to themselves, “Wow, I guess it is true that most black and hispanic girls have babies before the age of 21”. A black man can be pulled over during a traffic stop in a white neighborhood, and during the stop, white people drive by, looking and smiling, thinking to themselves, “MAGNIFICENT! Another nigger criminal taken off the streets by our fine police department! KUDOS TO THE POLICE!” even though the black guy only got pulled over because his left tail light was out. Regarding the talk shows, I must cite that there is one exception to the rule; the 40% of people on the “ghetto” talk shows that are actually white, and those would be the white honkee trailer trash folks. These are the only types of white people that are constantly televised in a negative fashion. You must take into consideration that these people are [white] society’s rejects. These are the white people that are the “shame” of their family bloodlines. These are the white people that were kicked out of the house, that never finished school, that used drugs, and that were alcoholics. This is an example of how white people manage their families. The ones that aren’t “acceptable”, they simply discard them; throw them out on the street and disown them altogether, similar to a family dog that is too old and can no longer take care of itself. Why put anymore time and effort into taking care of it? Just get rid of them damn thing………..

FACT: 65% of “retirement” home residents nationwide are WHITE.

White people do not like to take care of their elderly. They dump them into retirement homes and pay someone else to do it. White people do not like to be responsible for anyone that is too much of a burden on them, including their own family, which brings us full circle back to white trash. In society, white trash are considered equal to blacks status wise. Many of them live in ghettos (unkempt trailer parks being the ghettos of choice) and are societal pariahs. The media uses these “hybrid” white people to accentuate the point they are attempting to make about minorities. White trash people are featured on the ghetto talk shows alongside blacks and mexicans. The media wants the public to believe that white trash people and minorities are not civilized, so they pick and choose us (according to level of ignorance) to appear on talk shows that feature a conflict of some sort as the subject matter.
There was a particularly interesting book I read about a year ago that illustrates race’s effect on the media and how it is displayed as a result, and one batch of data resonated highly with me. The data covered minority roles (characters) in television and how they are portrayed. The first fact to note is that over the past 20 years, television has come a long way in the AMOUNT of minority roles that are now on television. They have definitely advanced in that area. The next fact to note is that even though they as a people have more roles on television, they don’t necessarily portray them as positively as they could. There are certain stereotypical traits that the media refuses to “abolish” when they create minority tv characters. I will list them in no particular order:

1. Most minority characters in negative AND positive tv character roles share the same character trait of losing their tempers. Regardless of how positive the character is in general, they always have that “trait” of a bad temper, as if to say that when minorities are placed in any given stressful or negative situation, the only way they can mentally or emotionally deal with stress is by becoming irate.

2. Many minority characters in tv shows prefer to resolve problems through physical violence rather than an amicable settlement. You rarely see minority tv characters that are put into a difficult situation where they would prefer to sit down and talk it out like adults as opposed to wanting to kick somebody’s ass, or shoot someone. 30% of all minority tv characters choose to solve their problems with violence, whereas 4% of all white tv characters choose the same method of conflict resolution.

3. 40% of tv show character roles depict minorities as criminals. 14% of tv show character roles depict whites as criminals. So basically, if you’re a [minority] actor looking for a spot on tv and you have an agent, the chances are 40% that your agent is going to tell you that if you WANT the role, you’re going to have to rob someone, rape someone, stab someone, or shoot someone.

4. Of the minorities who play criminals in tv roles, 75% of the crimes they commit (as their characters) are VIOLENT in nature. Minorities are not hired for tv roles as white collar criminals. They don’t hire minorities to play criminals that commit crimes like computer hacking, money laundering, insider trading, embezzlement, identity theft, casino card counting, or the like. They reserve those types of crimes (crimes which by the way require a high amount of intellect to execute) for white people. Also note that those types of crimes don’t physically maim people or take lives. All crime is bad, but crimes where people are violently injured or killed are looked upon as being especially vicious by society. Those types of roles are “reserved” [mainly] for minorities.

5. Minority tv show characters (the ones that play people that are employed) are rarely shown as being employed by a business model that requires any real intellect. A WHOPPING 98% of all tv characters portrayed on television that perform menial labor (janitors, maids, “professional” house cleaners, gardeners, babysitters) are MINORITIES. Not even ALL minorities; they are either BLACK, or HISPANIC…..that’s IT. Of the characters that have jobs that are above “menial” status, they are rarely in positions of authority. They are usually “grunts” or mid level employees. Minority tv characters that are employed are always at a level within an employment business model where they have to answer to someone that is WHITE. The television show based media outlet is extremely resistant to depicting white people having to answer to minorities in a work environment. “White America” is not at the point where they would be willing to tolerate this during their “down time”. They are not ready to turn on the tv and watch shows where a minority is in charge in a work environment, delegating their authority to all the whites around them. As a society, we are not quite that “civilized” as of yet. Racism is still pulsing too powerfully through the veins and souls of the white man for them to have to sit and watch a bunch of blacks and mexicans telling them where to go and what to do, even if it’s only on a tv show. That’s too close to home for them. Oh, by the way, only 4% of all tv shows depict a minority as a boss, supervisor, CEO, president, administrator, director, employer, superintendent, authoritarian, or leader of any given work environment.

6. On tv, most minorities are depicted as being foul mouthed. 75% of minority tv show characters use inappropriate language (cussing) in many cases, even if it doesn’t compliment the character’s development. Although they can’t get away with as many vulgar words on tv as they can in the movies, there are still enough words that can be used, and minorities far outweigh white people as the ones who use them, the [subliminal] point being that minorities tend to be more vulgar (and less civilized) than whites.

7. In tv (advertising) commercials, the more expensive the product, the fewer minorities that are portrayed as purchasers of the product. When tv commercials want to advertise inexpensive products; food, clothes, entertainment, and (up to) cars, they will happy hire minorities to act in those commercials as purchasers of those products. Anything more expensive than cars, all of a sudden minorities don’t exist. In tv commercials where they sell diamonds, motor homes, boats, real estate, stocks, etc. you don’t see minorities as purchasers in the commercials anymore, insinuating that the market for more expensive commodities is reserved for white people, because they are the only ones that can afford them.

8. In most tv shows, black and white character interaction is still taboo. I’m not talking about interracial relationships; I’m talking about the interaction between two men or two women, or blacks and whites in a NON sexual, but intimate situation. Us men have our friends, buddies, homies, aces, whatever you wanna call them. They’re the guys that you know have your back, regardless of the situation. If you get in trouble, if you get in a fight, if the police ruff you up, if you’re having money problems, if you’re having marital problems, many men have that one guy who they lean on as the one that is his “brother from another mother”; the one who wasn’t born his brother, but he’s just as close as being a blood brother by association. You almost never see that level of comradery portrayed on television between minorities and whites. Tv characters of different races are only allowed to be close (to a point), then it’s every race for themselves. The [physical] contact between races is kept to a minimum. If you’re watching a tv cop show drama, and the show has 2 partners in it that are white, and 1 of the partners gets killed in the line of duty, the (typical) reaction by the surviving cop is that he wants to be the one to tell his partner’s family about the death. He will go to his partner’s house, break the news to the partners (white) wife, and she will break down and cry, and the white cop usually hugs his partner’s new widow. Now, let’s say of the 2 partners, one was white, and the other was black. The white partner gets killed. The black surviving cop goes to his partner’s house and his dead partner’s WHITE wife answers the door. The black cop breaks the news to the new white widow. She breaks down and cries, and the black cop apologizes a thousand times over. She wipes her tear filled eyes, thanks the black cop, then CLOSES THE DOOR, NO HUG, NO LOVE. The white media taboo paranoia in full bloom. The white surviving cop can be depicted hugging the new WHITE widow, but the BLACK surviving cop CANNOT be depicted hugging the new white widow. Subliminal racism in all its glory.
With all that I’ve said, is it safe to say that the media attempts to influence its viewers based on what it reports and how it reports it? Is it safe to say that regarding minorities, the media uses certain tactics to ensure that minorities are only shown from a negative point of view? Think about it the next time you watch the news, a reality show, a tv series, or a talk show. Pay close attention to what race the guests / characters are, what the subject matter consists of, and don’t pay attention to it for a single viewing; pay attention to it over an extended period of time and see if you notice any sort of a pattern based on race, and subject matter. Many of you will be quite surprised to discover what you witness……


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


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Interviewer: “What are the positive points about black women?
Rapper: Other than their big’ol asses? NOTHIN.”

Interviewer: “What are the negative points about black women?
Rapper: Except for their big’ol asses? EVERYTHING…………”

(The above was quoted by famous rapper during interview)

Black women are a source of great anxiety. To interact with them is like nothing else you’ll ever experience. They can raise your blood pressure from normal to life threatening within a matter of seconds. Imagine a brand of rubber band that was created without any elastic capacity; something that makes no sense; that was created only to annoy and frustrate. That is the black woman. They are attitude driven bottomless pits. There is no pleasing a black woman. To give them what they want is a waste of a man’s time. No matter what you do for them, no matter how much you better yourself, it is never enough to please them. Of all races of women, they are the most arrogant, conceited, and angry. There is no rhyme or reason to their anger. They are not angry like normal people; their anger festers from deep within. They are angry towards people who have done nothing to them. They are angry at everyone, for no reason. They are condescending towards everyone, including their own black men. They drive black men away with their constant vexing, then they speak ill of them when they see a white, latin, or asian woman on his arm. They call black men that date other races "sellouts", yet they never question the reason for his racial exodus. They are completely aloof to the fact that they themselves are the reason. To put it simply, black men get sick and tired of trying to please a race of women that cannot be pleased.

Like the quote at the beginning of this article conveys regarding black women; other than for their big asses, they are expendable. Let’s start with their fashion statements. Everything on most black women is fake. From the tops of their heads, to the bottom of their feet, they are devoid of authenticity. Their hair consists of one of the following: a weave, a wig, extensions, or braids. If black women were to stop buying these products, the “fake hair” business would collapse. This is a billion dollar a year business that is (for the most part) funded by black women. A prominent black magazine (that I cannot mention by name because I have not acquired the permission to use their statistics) conducted a survey on the percentage of black women in the U.S. that wear fake hair. The survey revealed that an astonishing 75% of black women don some form of fake hair. According to the black women who took part in the survey, the reason was that they could not grow their own hair to a length that they considered to be “luxurious”. It is no secret that black women are notorious for putting their hair through extreme methods of care. They use harmful chemicals and electronic heating devices that do an enormous amount of damage to their hair. As a result, their hair breaks off and becomes brittle. The result is a scalp full of short, unmanageable hair that they can’t do anything with, so they have to resort to “installing” faux hair, made from anything from synthetic materials, to the head off of another human, to the tail of a horse. They think that this makes them appear to be “beautiful”. The ironic part is that the vast majority of the hair looks comically fake on their heads. With many of the hair jobs, you can see the line where the fake hair was weaved into the real hair, or the fake hair is of a completely different grade than their real hair, or the hair is of a ridiculously long length, or a ridiculous color. These black women do this to their heads, and instead of looking like beautiful women, they end up looking like clowns. Another fake commodity that black women like to wear is jewelry. Many black women wear inappropriate amounts of fake jewelry. They wear “gold” earrings the size of frisbees, and we men are supposed to believe that the gold is real. It is obviously fake, and not even attractive. They wear fake gold rings on more than half of their fingers, ending up looking like fashionable brass knuckles. Why do you need a ring on eight of your 10 fingers? They wear gaudy, fake gold necklaces that are so long and thick that they drape down into the cleavage of their titties. They end up looking like they have enough “gold” draped on them to finance a small country, although none of it is real, at least not through and through. It’s either gold plated with a near microscopic thin layering of gold, or it’s a completely fake gold knockoff type of metal. Another thing that black women are proud of is their fake clothing, most of which comes from neighborhood swap meets. They buy “designer” clothing that is actually defective in nature because of some stitching error or whatnot, and ends up being sold by the designer company to third party vendors, the vast majority of which are swap meets. These black women buy these defective clothes and shoes in droves. They wear it with pride, as if they’re rich and feel that they can afford the best of the best. They brag about it to their friends by name of the designer, and their friends all coo over the sub par duds. Black women also like to wear fake nails, but they’re not fashionably fake, they’re talons. They walk around looking like “African American demons” with these fake nails that are long enough to dig trenches in dirt. A black woman digging a burrow could give any gopher a run for its money. Those ultra long nails aren’t sexy, they’re meretricious. Black women who sport these claws actually have to devise alternative methods to do things like use a pen, or wipe their anuses……....AND I’M NOT MAKING THAT UP. As far as I’m concerned, NO fashion statement is important enough that I have to readjust the way I depurate my anus. Over the past decade, the cream of the crop fake fashion statement has become black women that wear colored contact lenses [Black men, can I get an “amen” on that one?] Vanessa Williams is a black woman with actual blue eyes; an anomaly that blesses about 7% of the black [female] population. Black women, you need to understand; that is a rare occurrence; a genetic gift. Please stop buying them. You are making yourselves look like nigger vampires. Those color contacts don’t even appear close to being real. My personal favorite; a black woman is talking to you and she’s wearing her blue contacts, and one of them is slightly misaligned, so it looks as if one of her eyes is looking off in a different direction than the other. That is beyond embarrassing. I feel embarrassed for them. Sometimes, black women will even go so far as to wear contacts of different colors; a blue one and a green one. That is also a rare genetic condition called “heterochromia iridium”. Two celebrities that have this rare, beautiful genetic gift are actresses Kate Bosworth and Mila Kunis. Google them and look at their close up eye shots. They’re truly stunning. It’s an even rarer occurrence than black women being born with blue eyes, but not to a black woman. These envious black women say if they can’t be born with eyes of 2 colors, they’re going to buy them. Black women have incredibly low self esteem issues that are compensated for by buying fake versions of what they can’t afford, or can’t be born with. This is a level of low self esteem that originates from the very core of the human psyche. Sadly, many black women are unhappy about how they were born.

Next up is black women's condescending treatment of men. When it comes to dating, black women don’t want boyfriends, they want slaves. Black women do not believe in “equal” relationships. Black women believe (and are taught by their mothers) that a “good” man is a man that “does” for them. They’re not generally taught that they need to be good to their men in return. It’s only about what a man can do for them. For a black woman, the more the man can do for her, the more of a “man” he is. For you white people, when I use the word “do”, that means to provide for in black idiom. Black women are all about being provided for in a relationship. If you ask black women how they choose their men, this is the reply you’ll hear, “I ain’t fuckin with no nigga that can’t DO for me. I ain’t about no broke ass niggas. If he can’t do for me, then he need to get steppin”. In other words, to have a “relationship” with a black woman means that you have to spend all of your time and money proving for that woman and expect nothing in return, other than the occasional fuck once you’ve “provided” enough within a given time frame. Doesn’t that sound more like the duties of raising a child (minus the fucking part)? It does to me. In addition to all this, all black women do is complain about men. Nothing that a man does is ever enough to satisfy them. Black women don’t seem to see men as people; they see them as commodities or investments; creatures that can better their own financial statuses. They constantly belittle the male gender. Men are shit, assholes, dogs, pigs, insects, fuckers, punk asses and any other expletive you can think of. From a black woman’s perspective, men are less than human. They feel this way about black men, then they wonder why they see us walking down the street with a white, hispanic, or asian woman. They give us, and the woman with us scathing stares, then they’ll whisper to their friend, “Look at that sellout nigga with that white bitch on his arm. Fuck him, he ain’t no good anyway if he choose a white ho over a black woman”. No, quite the contrary. We’re quite wise to choose a white woman that respects us over some angry black woman that only wants to use us as a stepping stone, only to spit our carcass out after she’s done chewing us up into little bite size pieces. Every black woman thinks she is “Queen Cleopatra”, and all black men are to be her slave servants whose only purpose is to cater to her every whim. Queen Cleopatra is dead. She died a long time ago. None of you black women out there are her, so you need to stop acting like you are. We men are not on this planet for the sole purpose of serving you.

Black women are materialistic on a level that no other race or gender can compare with. Black women go to church and fake their religious convictions, but a black woman’s real God is MONEY. Nothing on this planet defines a black woman more than her quest for money and material possessions. A black woman judges everything in her life, from her men, to her own self worth by the money made and the objects owned. You can cut off a black woman’s arm and she will be upset. If you steal a black woman’s new car, she will be devastated. Dr. Martin Luther King stated that a person should be judged by the content of their character. That is not how black women make judgments. They judge [men] by how much money is in his bank account, what kind of car he drives, the designer clothes he wears, and the quality of his place of residence. That is a black woman’s “criteria” for choosing a man. How he treats her, or his own set of values is not as important to her as his financial status. When you see a black man with a white woman, it’s because he’s sick of how black women treat him. When you see a black woman with a white boy, it’s because she’s looking for a higher paycheck than she can get with the average black man. A black woman with a white boy is a basically a black woman that is prostituting herself out to that white boy, who is no doubt making more money than the average “brotha in the hood”. I don’t initially have a problem with black women for that; I don’t like the fact that they do that, then turn around and hypocritically condemn black men for dating other races of women. When I see a black woman with a white boy, I mentally celebrate it. I see it as one less headache a black man has to deal with. The humorous part is that I can visualize that black woman pimping that white boy; making him spend money on her all the time, only giving him pussy a couple of scheduled times a month, treating him like a little boy in public…….all kinds of things that black men have been dealing with for centuries, and are sick and tired of. So when I see a black woman with a white boy, I feel that white boy’s pain. There is an old rap song by the rap group “Wu Tang Clan” titled “C.R.E.A.M.” For you white people, the letters are an acronym for “Cash Rules Everything Around Me”. That is the black woman’s anthem song.

FACT: Race and gender wise, statistically, black women are the fattest humans on the planet. That means that out of all races and both genders, black women hold the title for the most overweight humans in the world. BREAK IT DOWN…….black women are fatter than all other races of women. Black women (per person) are fatter than black men. REASON…….the black culture consumes the highest amount of calories and unhealthy food of all races. The black race is the most sedentary of all races (we don’t exercise). THINK……… most cultures, the female is the one who does the most cooking in the family environment. What we have in the black culture is the female providing their families with this fried, fat laden, unhealthy choice of foods. You have these black women that are literally preparing their entire race for future heart attacks. Black women provide their men [and themselves] with all these unhealthy food choices. Black women scoff at white people for the “nasty”, healthy food choices they make and they call white women “skinny bitches”. Well “soul sistas”, those “skinny bitches” are going to outlive you, and they also don’t look as gross as you in tight fitting clothes. Don’t get me wrong. For whatever reason, genetics guide the extra weight of most black women to their asses, hips, and thighs, which propagates a race of women that are known for big, round asses, but not all black women receive this genetic gift. Some black women are awarded the genetic “booby prize”. Some black women are fat as hogs all over their bodies, yet they wear clothes that allow you to see their cottage cheese dimples, their pear shaped asses, and tree trunk sized wobbling thighs. It’s sickening, and the ridiculous part is how they walk with their heeds high, thinking they’re cute. If a black woman has a big ass that looks good in tight clothes, that’s one thing. If a black woman is fat all over and dresses under the illusion that she is “slim and sexy”, then one of her friends needs to pull her to the side and give her a reality check.

Black women think that it is perfectly acceptable to be disrespectful towards their men in public, including yelling at them, pushing them, and slapping them, but if any of that is done to them by a man, then he is considered an abuser of women. Black women have absolutely no problem with going out on a date with a man, and being an embarrassment to herself, and to him. Black women love to be rude to restaurant staff. If they feel that they aren’t being “served” to the best of the waiter's / waitresses ability, they will yell at the person. They will accuse a [white] waiter of acting a certain way (cough, “racist”) just because the waiter didn’t smile at them as they were taking the order. They complain about the silverware being dirty even if it isn’t. By far, the most embarrassing thing that black women do when eating in public is eat an entire meal, then tell the waiter that they want a refund because the food wasn’t prepared to their satisfaction. What’s odd is that black women tend to only do these things at restaurants with white staff. You won’t see them doing it at a place where all the staff is black, because the black staff won't put up with that type of behavior. They already know all of the tricks. They will call the police on a raucous, non paying black female customer in a heartbeat. Black women know that at a white eating establishment, the white staff can be bullied because they’re afraid of getting sued under a claim of racial discrimination. The black men that are with these black women on these eating dates are the victims. They will bow their heads in shame while these black women act like this, then the black women will go off on the men because they're not defending the woman's ignorant tactics. I have been on more than my share of eating dates with black women who’ve acted like this at white eating establishments. The topping on the cake is how black women never tip, and they go off on a black man if he leaves a tip. Here is a true story. I took a black woman out on an eating date. She acted a fool the entire time, complaining about everything to the scared white waitress. When we finished eating, I put a tip on the table. The black woman I was with took the tip off the table and said, “Why you givin this extra money to these white people? They ain’t did nuthin to earn it”. She then put the tip in her purse and walked out of the place, leaving me standing there. Many of the other customers (most of whom were white) heard her comment and were looking at me standing there. They all had that same look on their faces, that look that showed their disdain for “niggers” and how “ignorant” all niggers are. I then pulled out another tip for the same amount, put it on the table, and left. Now, before all you bull headed black women say that was an “isolated” incident and that I just happened to be on a date with an “ignorant ho”, please tell me this. Tell me why any black man you talk to has had that same problem with oh, say about half of all black women they’ve dated. Why is it that every black man can describe incidents involving dating black women that acted like that? Are those all “isolated incidents”, or is there a level of ignorance in the black female culture that illustrates their constant need for dominance over everyone around them? Black women also like to disrespect their men in public. If a black man is doing or saying something that a black woman doesn't like, all of a sudden the black woman will start to raise her voice at the man, putting her finger in his face while “chicken necking”. Now, if the man were to do that to her, she would go off on him for “disrespecting her” in public, but for her to do that to him while they’re standing in line at a movie theater, or in line at a grocery store, or at a friend’s house is no big deal. From my point of view, if you’re a couple in public, and you’re disagreeing about something and it’s about to get “loud”, as a mature couple, you need to distance yourself from that public environment as quickly as possible before you start yelling at each other. Couples fight all the time, but that needs to be in private. Don’t disrespect your partner in the public eye for all the world to see. That’s tacky. As tacky as it is, its commonplace behavior for many black women, who commonly treat their men that way. As a rule (how my mother raised me), I don’t hit women. With that said, in all my relationships, the only women I’ve ever wanted to hit were black women. No other race of women I’ve dated has ever driven me to the point where I wanted to punch them in the face because their arrogant, asinine behavior.

FACT: Statistically, the number 1 most difficult type of citizen for law enforcement to deal with during a routine traffic stop is a black woman.…………..

I know a guy that is a cop. It is a widely known fact that if you work in law enforcement, you must have occasional “sensitivity training”. In a nutshell, it is a method of training that prepares officers for dealing with citizens in the LEAST confrontational way in any given situation. The training varies slightly from city to city and state to state, but the overall objective is the same. This particular officer I know showed me a form that is filled out by his dept. prior to the training, which is formulated in a survey type format. According to the answers that are given, the training revolves around the answers which are most ubiquitous. It also depends on which dept. you work in. The guy I know works in traffic enforcement, more commonly known as a "beat cop"; specifically, the police who fuck up your morning by stopping you on the way to work and giving you a ticket for something. Anyway, this cop told me that for many police departments, statistically, the number one most difficult [routine] traffic stop to have to deal with is a black woman. If you asked me, I would have guessed something like a drunk driver. Now remember I said “routine”. That is just a normal traffic stop where the worst that will happen is that you’d get a citation. This cop said that more traffic beat cops have “problems” in dealing with belligerent black women than any other type of stop. Just to think that black women have their very own category listed as a “problem” for police during traffic stops makes a black person embarrassed to be black. You have “drunk drivers”, “uninsured motorist” offenders, “suspended license” offenders, “unregistered vehicle” offenders, and “black women”. That is funny, and at the same time, pathetic. What is it that these black women are doing that has earned them this title? What can an entire race of women be doing on the roads and in public that warrants their own category for police to have to deal with? For starters, they are far more uncooperative with police than anyone else. They are defiant regarding their reason for being pulled over. In approximately 5% of instances, they refuse to sign the ticket, even though in the vast majority of the stops, they are just as guilty for the reasons they are pulled over as the rest of us. Black women have been known to get out of their vehicles during a routine traffic stop and literally wag their fingers in the officer’s face while screaming at them. If it comes to the point of an arrest, some black women have been known to incite physical confrontations with (male) officers in hopes that it will appear to passersby as an assault on the female by the officer. They've been known to yell at full volume and pull away from an officer that is trying to hand cuff them. They have been known to physically assault officers who are trying to handcuff them, by pulling away from the handcuffs and actually pushing the officer while screaming things like, “DON’T PUT YO HANDS ON ME! YOU DON’T GOT NO RIGHT TO PUT YO HANDS ON ME”! These are some of the types of issues that police experience when dealing with black female citizens. Those I just mentioned are routine traffic stops. That doesn’t even include the things they do to police that aren’t traffic related. I could write a book about that, but I figure you’ve all got the point. The point is, black women need to check themselves when the police pull them over. Stop acting like uncaged gorillas and accept your traffic fate like the rest of society has to. If you truly feel that you’ve been unjustly cited for a traffic offense, fine. Just sign the ticket and inform the officer that you will be appearing in court to dispute it. Actually, if you do it that way, you cause more damage to the officer's reputation by winning the case in court. You gain nothing by flailing around, yelling at full volume, and being defiant. The only thing that will come out of an experience like that (other than possible jail time for a “public nuisance” conviction) is that you will solidify the cop’s (racist) assumption that all black women are “female gorillas” that can’t be tamed.

Black women and sex don’t mix. The only black women that appear to be truly desirable during sex are black porn stars. That is an illusion created by the fact that they get paid to fuck. The way they pay their taxes is by being the best sex partner they can be. They are complete opposites of “regular” black women in society. In order to have sex with a black woman, the first mission you need to accomplish is find one that does not equate money with sex. That’s already about 50% of black women shaved off the top. Black women are notorious for using sex to get money. For many black women, sex has nothing to do with feeling good, or orgasms. It has everything to do with how much money the man will shell out, and how much pussy he will get in return. There are black women out there that actually manage the act of sex with their men under the implementation of this methodology. At a young age, they actually explain that to their female friends as the way to find a “good man”. They feel that this weeds out the “broke ass niggas” that most men are characterized as being. They feel that this is how sex is supposed to occur in relationships……”Pay for tha pussy”. The fact of the matter is that those aren’t “relationships”. Those are business arrangements between hookers and “johns”. At an early age, it is being instilled in black females' minds that they should sell sex. Any way you look at it, that’s prostitution. As adults, there are millions of black women that engage in various levels of prostitution, and mask it under the semblance of “dating”, and / or “relationship”. These black women are just as mentally maladjusted as “professional” prostitutes are. The truth is that no person (male or female) that has any level of self worth, or any level of (justifiable) intellect chooses a job where the job descriptions consists of sexual acts with others. There are million of young adults out there that have the drive and motivation to earn money in a more self respective manner. That’s why you have young adults in their early 20’s working at McDonalds while going to college, or raising kids. They may be making minimum wage, but they respect themselves. On the other side of the coin are these black women that don’t make a fifth of what a prostitute makes, and yet there they are, finding men who will give them a few dollars here and there in return for pussy a few times a month. That’s like comparing a drug kingpin pushing multiple kilos of cocaine a month to a crack head standing on the corner, selling a few 5 dollar rocks a day. To all you black women out there whoring yourselves for a few bucks from some dude you’re “in a relationship” with, you’re a disgrace to the female gender. You need to take some lessons from a faithful white, latin or asian woman. They know how to love their men and not use them. They don’t try to “wear the pants” in relationships and boss their men around. Out of all the times I’ve ever dated a white or latin woman, I’ve never had one to jump in my face and disrespect me. Sure, I’ve been in arguments with them, but the arguments never turned into full out displays of disrespect, like they commonly do with black women. I’ve never had white or latin women complain about the amount of money I gave them for something. I’ve never had white or latin women complain about the fact that I bought them roses, when I could have instead given them the money it cost to buy the roses. Black women = C.R.E.A.M.

Another thing about black women and sex is the lack of participation from them in the bed. Black women can be completely disconnected from the act of sex while engaged in it. I’ve seen them do things like repeatedly look at their watches while fucking, let out loud sighs in the middle of fucking (indicating boredom), refusing to do any positions but missionary because all other positions are too “slutty” for their taste, stopping in the middle of fucking to answer their ringing cell phone (that’s a huge problem with black women), and all kinds of other things during sex to indicate their boredom of the act. I used to be self conscious about this type of behavior from black women during fucking. One thing I knew was that penis size wasn’t an issue. I have an 8 inch penis, which isn’t huge, but it’s without a doubt above average. At one point, I thought it was my performance. That thought eventually came to end, as I noticed that every time I fucked a non black female, I was always complimented about my penis size and performance. Over time (I’ll say from my 20’s to my 30s), I slowly began to realize that it wasn’t about me; it was the fact that there are many black women out there who have a sexual condition known as being sexually "frigid". For many black women, their sex drives are little to none. With the white and latin women I dated, it was them who’d come to me for more penis insertion. I rarely had to ask a white or latin woman when the next time we were going to fuck was. I rarely had to call them for more pussy. All I had to do was sit around and wait, and eventually I’d get a call telling me to come over because it was “time” again. Fucking white and latin women is so much more enjoyable than fucking a black woman. With white and latin women, there is reciprocity. You thrust your hips, I thrust my hips back. You pump hard, I pump hard back. You suck my sick, I eat your pussy, you get on top, I get on top. White and latin women get as involved as their men do. Black women lay there like luggage until the man cums, then they either roll over and go to sleep, watch tv, or get dressed and leave. Historically, it has always been accused that many men treat women like that right after sex. Whoever invented that myth never fucked a black woman………

Another marathon blog. This puppy took 4 days to write and edit, and has seen almost a half a gallon of wine and about 4 or 5 pounds of various foods. To make a 4 day long story short; Black women have their heads so far up their "big'ol round asses" that they don’t realize they're driving their black men away. Black women treat their black men the same way that all black people used to be treated by slave masters…… dirt. Black women, do you really think that if you were actually being “good” to black men that they would run off by the millions to have relationships with other races of women? For all the reasons you black women group up in your little cackling circles and condemn black men, you are wrong on all accounts. Final message to you black men are leaving you for one reason and one reason only.........You provide us with no motivation to STAY.

[EPILOGUE] – I’ll beat all you angry black women reading this to the punch with what I have no doubt will be the ultimate backlash question, “What about your mother? She’s a black woman. Do you feel about her like how you described in your article?” I’m proud to say that I can answer that question with an emphatic NO. My mother is characterized by NONE of the above verbiage. She is, and always has been courteous and respectful to others, women AND men. Everything on her is REAL, including her hair and nails. She was never the type to have an attitude problem. She believes in helping other people, even if she gets nothing in return. My mother is a saint. She is a role model’s role model. She’s NOTHING like the contemporary ignorant, narcissistic, materialistic black women that populate today’s society. The reason I was even able to write this article is because I knew that at no point and time would I be defaming, or disrespecting my mother. My mother is a nearly extinct class of woman. As the saying goes, “They just don’t make’em like they used to”…….