Wednesday, July 21, 2010


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Hello, all my blog readers. For a short while, I'm going to have to hold off on writing my usual blood pressure rising blogs. I am going through some things right now that are forcing me to have to deal with them and nothing else. They have nothing to do with my blog site or the internet in general. Until I can sit down and write another anger inducing blog, I sat down and wrote a little something with a bit of levity in mind so that you all have something to read. The hopeful reaction from this particular blog is that it'll put a smile on your face as opposed to you writing me and telling me that you'll be hunting me down. Don't worry, as soon as I take care of this stuff I gotta deal with, I'll be back to writing blogs that will make you either become my staunchest supporter, or make you want to come hunt me down and kill me......
I'm 44 yrs. old. Something that crosses my mind on a daily basis, compared to not crossing my mind for years at a time when I was younger is my AGE. I'm at mid life level. The 1st half is over. When you're young, you think about how one day you'll be reaching middle age. When you're middle aged, the only other thing to think of is how long it will be before you're going to "check out", and you do whatever it takes to delay that process. For now, to keep things light, I sat and wrote a list of things that are indicators that you're GETTING old. Not that you're ALREADY old, because I'm not old YET, I'm at the halfway point. I sat and wrote these on a whim. I'm proud to say that I did NOT google ANY of these. I thought all these up from personal experience. I know that there are tons of "You know you're getting old when...." web sites on google, but all of MINE in my list are ORIGINAL. If you google that phrase, you will find that NONE of the things they include in their lists match MINE. I'm proud of that! If you're in my age range (40 - 54) you're going to be able to relate to most if not ALL of them. I hope you enjoy reading them and hopefully they'll put a small smile on your face. I'll be back to pissing you all off within the next couple weeks. ENJOY!

You remember when ALL TV stations used to TURN OFF at 1 a.m.

Your current TV has antennas on it.

Your first cell phone had a carrying handle mounted on the side.

Your first phone was a rotary dial phone.

You used to put leaded gasoline in your car.

You can recite the lyrics to the song "Cars".

The FIRST time you ever played "Pac Man" was in an arcade.

In your opinion, the scariest movie of all time is "The Exorcist".

You remember when all title shot boxing matches had 15 rounds.

The ONLY way you used to be able to play music in your car was on the radio.

You know what a "Betamax" is WITHOUT having to google it.

Any person under 30 addresses you as "Sir" ("Ma'am" if you're female).

You used to carry 2 dollar bills in your wallet/purse.

Your first typing instrument was a type writer.

You used to have to find a payphone anytime you were not home and needed to make a phone call.

You used to have milk delivered to your home every morning.

You remember when Colonel Sanders was actually IN every KFC commercial.

Your entire music collection used to be on records.

You used to get whipped with a paddle in school when your behavior was inappropriate.

You can no longer drive and / or read without wearing glasses.

You have more gray hair than is feasible to pull out with tweezers.

You have to exercise "regularly" to keep your weight down.

You have any sort of physical condition that is classified as being "chronic".

You can no longer drink milk.

Even if you're not gay, you aren't offended by the term "gay marriage".

You can consistently maintain a minimum balance of at least $5,000 in your bank account.

Your kids come to visit you, they offer to "help you out" around the house.


Thursday, July 8, 2010


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[PREFACE] This article focuses on the political and moral issues encompassing the term "illegal", and how much weight it holds specifically within the context of illegal immigration. Within the next month, I will be writing an article that focuses specifically on Mexicans’ hatred of (and rudeness towards) black people and how that “tension” has built up quite a bit over the last 10 years in the united states………
America has become a "soft" nation. It was once a nation based on laws and principles that were vehemently defended. It is NOW a nation of cowardice; people worried about getting sued, "political correctness", and offending others. This country's anxiousness has become profound. This anxiousness has literally meshed itself into to America’s fundamental laws and principles. Laws have been amended and modified to the point where criminals have as many (and in some cases MORE) rights than their victims. The 1st amendment is ABUSED in today's society so that anyone can now push any agenda they wish; religious, political, racial; you name it, and there's some group or organization that is using it to zealously distribute their rhetoric. Now we have the actual manipulation of the laws themselves. Regarding the issue of illegal immigration, from what I understand, if you enter ANY country through improper channels with your goal being to take up residence in that country and become a member of that country's society, all with no intention of becoming a legalized citizen of that country, then you are at that point an ILLEGAL citizen in that country. If you are not there solely for the purpose of: 1. Vacation based visitation, 2. Education based visitation, or 3. Employment based visitation, then you can only be there for a predetermined amount of time before you have to return to your own country, or GO THROUGH THE PAPERWORK PROCESS OF BECOMING A LEGAL CITIZEN OF THAT COUNTRY. That is the basic process of becoming a LEGAL citizen. Borders are created for a reason. They have LEGAL entry ways where you can pass from one country to another. Other than at the specified entry way(s), it is illegal to attempt access to the adjoining country. If you "jump" a border at any location other than at any of its LEGAL entry ways, you have committed a crime and have entered the adjoining country illegally. That's all there is to it. In the country you entered illegally, if it is discovered by an officer of the law that you are in that country illegally and cannot prove otherwise, you are to be arrested and detained until you can be deported to your original country of residence......

(Drum roll....................................AND HERE WE GO!!!)

But WAIT! It's 2010! The word "ILLEGAL" doesn't mean the same thing it did 20 years ago. If you look up the word "illegal", or its sister adjective "illegally" in any dictionary that has been revised within the last 10 years, do you know what you’ll see? A picture of a small group of Mexicans still dirty and dusty from their recent border jump, all with their middle fingers high in the air on one hand, and in the other hand each holding one of those tiny U.S. mini tourist flags in the UPSIDE DOWN position. There is a small caption next to the picture saying "This is now the definition 'illegal immigration' in the U.S.".
What really freaks me out on a personal level are the amount of services used by illegal immigrants, many of which are denied for one reason or another to American born citizens. There are illegal immigrant “coalitions” in the U.S. that DEMAND access to the below list of services! Not REQUEST access, DEMAND access. You have these border jumping zealots that are nothing more than illegal VISITORS in this country, and they're yelling and screaming, claiming that they have the same "right" to access these services as any [“other”] American citizen! Do you see the irony in the usage of the phrase “any OTHER American citizen”? Let me move on before I bust a blood vessel. First let me list the services, and then I'll talk about each of them in greater detail. The main ones are:

1. Education
2. Health care (Medical benefits)
3. Driving Privileges
4. Senate bill 1070
5. Employment
6. Real Estate
7. Finances (credit, banking)
8. The Language Barrier

EDUCATION - Last year, I saw a documentary on cable TV about a wetback family that had a daughter that was applying to various colleges. Here's the kicker; the documentary was about illegal immigrants in the U.S. that are living the lives of LEGAL immigrants....WITHOUT REPERCUSSION. The documentary was illustrating the fact that illegal immigrants are so deeply entrenched in today’s American society that many of them are utilizing America's various services while never taking the time to become American citizens. The wetback exposed the fact that she was NOT an "anchor baby" (an anchor baby is a baby that is born of a wetback mother that illegally enters the U.S. The mother gets pregnant in Mexico, and then crosses the border illegally, right BEFORE the baby is born. By law, if the baby is born in the U.S., even though the wetback cow is not a legal citizen, if the baby is born on U.S. soil, the baby is deemed an American citizen). There are thousands of wetback cows that cross the border illegally every year for the sole purpose of giving birth to anchor babies. Back to what I was saying; this teenage wetback WASN'T an anchor baby. She jumped the border as a little girl with the rest of her family. When they got to this country, the parents enrolled the little girl in elementary school. The girl completed elementary school then enrolled in jr. high...then high school. The girl had basically completed her entire basic education on U.S. soil, and during that entire time, she was NEVER a legal citizen. You know who I fault for THAT? Our SORRY ASS education system. We're at the point where we will teach ANYONE, regardless of if they're citizens or NOT. If THAT's the case, then why not enroll a bunch of Middle Eastern students in our schools and teach them how to design bigger and better bombs?! How can an ILLEGAL child complete their ENTIRE basic education without their citizenship status ever becoming an issue? I have scoured the net and found NO evidence that we have "officially" amended ANY law to provide education for illegal immigrants, yet in southern California it is estimated that NOW, approximately 30% of the Mexican children that attend grades K – 12 are of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION status. They have taken over the record from blacks as having the highest dropout rate. Most of them don't know enough ENGLISH to understand what the teachers are saying, so they get flunked and kicked back in line to have to repeat various grades. The teachers don't care and the education system doesn't care. Nobody gives a fuck about our education system anymore, and as a result we have a bunch of illegal immigrant children getting a FREE education. I'll end this issue with THIS. At the end of the aforementioned documentary, the wetback girl ended up getting an acceptance letter from a (low tier) college. The interviewer asked the girl, "Does it worry you that if they go over your background in more detail and find out that you're an illegal immigrant, they’ll kick you out of college until you can go through the process of becoming a LEGAL immigrant"? The girl looked at the guy with a smug smirk on her face and replied, "Well......they ACCEPTED me, didn't they? My immigration status hasn't held me back so far. I don't see how it could NOW....”

HEALTH CARE - Illegal immigrants can walk into a hospital without documentation or identification of any kind, no medical plan of any kind, and no money, and receive the same quality of care as a LEGAL taxpaying citizen that has to pay a co-pay for their visits, has to pay for any examinations, has to pay for any operation, and has to pay for any medicine(s). I want all you LEGAL citizens to picture this scenario. A wetback guy limps into the emergency room at a hospital with his family (that's already a $50 to $300 fee for emergency admittance, depending on your level of, or LACK of coverage). His leg is bleeding all over the place because one of the family pit bulls turned on him and tried to chew his ankle off. His Achilles tendon is visible. Blood is everywhere. He's admitted and taken into emergency surgery. Doctor's X-Ray AND M.R.I. his leg (there's another $2,500 for both procedures combined). They discover that in order to ever be able to walk again he's going to need an operation to repair his Achilles ($9.000) for the operation. Meanwhile, in the emergency waiting room, the nurse has given the guy's mother the paperwork to fill out. Every single detail on the paperwork is falsified. She puts a fake name, she has no driver's license, they have no social security, they have no medical coverage, and she lists a bogus residence, so the wetback in essence lied about EVERYTHING she filled out. The operation is done. Later on that night at about 4:00 a.m., the other family members come and sneak the guy out of the recovery room, and they all leave together out of some rear, obscure exit. The total price the wetbacks pay for the operation? ZERO. ALL the information was fake so they can't be tracked to collect the payment. Guess who ends up footing the bill for that? WE DO. It comes right out of our taxes. That particular scenario was made up by me, but that TYPE of activity occurs thousands of time per year in hospitals across America, all committed by Mexican illegals who don't have the money to pay for medical / health care, so in turn, they ROB the American health care system by committing acts similar to the one I described. OH...but I'm not done with health care yet. You all know about the government funded medical coverage called Medicare, when low income people can (for basically FREE) get health / medical coverage. The quality of the coverage ain't great, but it's better than having none at all. GUESS WHAT? A person of ILLEGAL status can walk in with NO documentation or identification of any kind, apply for Medicare, and GET it. But homeless people that are born and raised American citizens are DENIED Medicare. A homeless Vietnam vet with a California I.D. can walk into a Medicare office, show his i.d., ask to apply for Medicare and get DENIED, because under government law, indigents (people of "homeless" status) are not eligible for Medicare. Can you believe that shit? Remember, with Medicare we're talking about pennies on the dollar for coverage. Visits are FREE, most medication is $2.00 to $5.00 (and in many cases, FREE), and things like operations, checkups, etc. are also free. It was designed for people that can't afford regular priced medical coverage. Most of it is funded from tax payer money, just like everything else in this country. Effectively, in most cases a homeless person could benefit from the coverage under the same rules as any other "low income" person. Our lovely health care system has decided that you don't have to be an American citizen to get free medical coverage, but you DO have to have a place to live (even if you ARE an American citizen, and DID pay taxes once and used to contribute to society before becoming homeless). On an ending note for health care; it has been discovered that many of the illegals that get Medicare get prescriptions for various FAKED maladies, then turn around and sell the medicine for profit. Meanwhile, some homeless Vietnam vet living in a box is dying from multiple diseases because hospitals turn him away due to the fact that he doesn't have medical coverage, and can't GET medical coverage because he is indigent...

DRIVING PRIVILEGES – Many of you are already well aware that illegal immigrants are fighting for the “right” to be able to apply for a driver’s license. RIGHT NOW, it’s still an illegal act to approve a license to a person of illegal status. What do the wetbacks do? THEY DRIVE ANYWAY. I can only imagine how many of you reading this article that have been in a car accident within the past 10 years were in an accident with someone that stated that they didn’t have insurance, only to find out later by your insurance company and / or the police report that they were ILLEGALS and never bothered to get car insurance, so you ended up not being able to file a claim against them. Did you all know that statistically, your chance of getting in an accident with an uninsured illegal immigrant is HIGHER than being in an accident with an insured AMERICAN CITIZEN? Illegals are now a higher cause of automobile accidents than any other single cause, including drunk drivers. They never learned how to drive in THEIR country, then they border jump to America and use our roads as their test ground. They can’t get proper driving training (i.e. driving school) because they’re not allowed a license, so they’re taught how to drive by “Pedro”, who ALSO doesn’t have a license. You basically have a bunch of illegals teaching other illegals how to drive, so everybody learns how to drive improperly, ergo illegals have become the number one cause of automobile accidents in the “United States Of Bending Over Backwards To Cater To Illegal Immigrants”...

SENATE BILL 1070 - I’ll tell you one thing, Arizona got it RIGHT!!!! I APPLAUD Arizona for taking initiative against illegal immigrants jumping into their state, then trying to demand rights like they do in California. The state of Arizona said, “WAIT! This ain’t CALIFORNIA, mutha fuckas! We don’t ‘bend over’ for any race that ain’t WHITE!” Arizona is one RACIST state, but I give them props for not allowing illegals to come to their state and get away with the babying they get in California. Arizona said “FUCK THIS”, and then wrote Senate Bill 1070. I have the entire bill and have read it thoroughly. THIS LAW SHOULD BE APPROVED AND IMPLEMENTED IN ALL STATES IN THE U.S.! Of course all illegals are up in arms about the bill, claiming “racial profiling” can be abused. That was to be expected. What people don’t seem to realize is that this law PROTECTS us from illegal immigrants that are on the road when they shouldn’t be. They shouldn’t be driving to begin with. THEY ARE IN THIS COUNTRY ILLEGALLY! The passing of this bill would damn near negate the statistic I mentioned about illegals being the number 1 cause of automobile accidents. Get more of them off our streets, deport them if they can’t prove legal citizenship, and our streets become (relatively) safer again. ANOTHER THING A LOT OF PEOPLE DON’T KNOW; The UNITED STATES is the ONLY country that DOESN’T implement that law! IN EVERY OTHER COUNTRY ON THE PLANET, IF YOU’RE PULLED OVER AND THERE IS A REASONABLE DOUBT THAT YOU ARE NOT A CITIZEN OF THAT COUNTRY, LAW ENFORCEMENT IS ALLOWED TO ASK YOU FOR PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP FOR THAT COUNTRY. If I’m a black man driving a rental car in France, they can pull my black ass over and ask me if I’m a tourist or a citizen. If I LIE and say “citizen”, they can ask me for proof of French citizenship. Same thing in China, same thing in Canada, same thing in Africa; in any country BUT the U.S., it’s LEGAL for them to do it. We choose to spoil these cockroaches, so as not to “offend” them by asking for proof of citizenship. One more point, racial profiling ALREADY EXISTS on the road. Since when has it NOT been an issue? It’s not in any of the police manuals because “technically” it is illegal, but it happens all day, every day on our roads. TO ALL BLACK PEOPLE READING THIS ARTICLE; in the comments section, please do me a BIG favor. Write a comment if you have ever been pulled over only because you were black, even though you may have not been able to PROVE it. How many of us blacks have been driving in an all white neighborhood, and some cop driving in the opposite direction passes by, sees your BLACK FACE, then swoops a mad ass stuntman style U turn, tails you for about a block (while he’s running your plates of course), then pulls you over, asks you who you are, where you’re going, etc., all the while never giving you an “official” reason as to why you were pulled over. Then when you ask them why you were pulled over, they come up with some lame ass excuse about your car fitting some ubiquitous description for some (imaginary) crime that never actually took place. My black brothas and sistas, can you do that for me? If you’ve ever been pulled over just because of the color of your skin and you know it even though you can’t prove it, hit up the comments section for this article and write up a little story about your experience. I want all the wetbacks to read your comments so they get a teeny taste of what “racial profiling” is really about. They wanna sit up and get mad because they MIGHT get asked for proof of citizenship during a traffic stop in Arizona. At least that’s a justifiable reason! That beats being black and getting pulled over for no reason at all, other than the color of your skin!

EMPLOYMENT – This is the only area where I’m willing to give illegal immigrants any sort of slack at all, even though I STILL have beef with them regarding the issue. I will give illegals props on one thing; they are willing to do almost ANYTHING to make a buck. There is no way I’d be willing to work in a field, picking fruits and vegetables, selling food on the corner, sewing clothes in a sweatshop for a paycheck that is broken down to equal 2 dollars a day. Actually, the reality of the situation is that they have no CHOICE but to do menial jobs of that nature, as it is illegal for any employer to hire an illegal immigrant since they are not documented citizens of this country, ergo cannot pay taxes. That still does not stop many companies and employers, who simply hire them and pay them in cash under the table. I AGREE with the law that states that any employer getting caught hiring illegals and paying them under the table should have their business licenses revoked and / or pay a fine. HERE’S where I have a REAL problem. You can walk into an establishment that is known for hiring teens that are looking for 1st jobs; fast food places, cleaning jobs in malls, grocery stores, and all the teens being hired now are MEXICANS. You can walk into a McDonald's in an ALL BLACK neighborhood, and every [teen] employee from the cashier, to the cooks in the back, to the drive thru teller is MEXICAN! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with ANY Mexican that is a LEGAL CITIZEN of this country. The problem I have is that a growing number of these Mexican teens getting hired to do these jobs are ILLEGALS! These ILLEGAL teens are now getting hired over their LEGAL teen counterparts! A LOT of these illegal teens are hired due to “family ties” within these businesses. A lot of these business have Mexican supervisors and / or managers, and as a favor to some family member, these supervisors are hiring these illegal teens at the expense of LEGAL Mexican teens. MANY of them are placed in establishments that they’re not indigenous to; like the example I gave about a staff full of MEXICAN teen cooks and cashiers working at some fast food place in an all black neighborhood. It’s no wonder that all the black and white kids that apply for employment at those places get turned down. They hire a lot of illegal ADULTS in various places too. A lot of cleaning staff, (ESPECIALLY at hotels and motels) are illegal immigrant women. There are a LOT of black women that apply for those types of positions, but get turned down because the illegal is going to always take LESS pay than the black person. A LOT of the hotels and motels pay those illegals LESS than minimum wage for those cleaning positions. I’m not only talking about seedy, dirty places with cum stained bed sheets and roaches everywhere. I’m also talking about higher ranked establishments like The Holiday Inn, the Marriott; even EXECUTIVE ranked hotels like the Bonaventure in downtown L.A. ALL these spots are hiring illegal immigrants to save a buck. All of them could technically be shut down, and / or fined for doing it. But what is this great country doing? TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK. You have all these congressmen, senators and governors swearing that they consider illegal immigrants in our workforce as being an “important” issue to pursue, yet they’re simply turning their backs on the issue, even though they KNOW where to go if they wanna get these people. If the I.T.F. (Immigration Task Force) REALLY wanted to crack down on illegal immigration, all they’d have to do is a monthly sweep fast food places, hotels, motels and sweat shops. They’d be able to eliminate a HUGE chunk of illegal immigrants from the workforce, just by doing THAT. Contrary to popular belief, there ARE some minimum wage jobs that blacks and whites ARE willing to do. But you must remember; those fast food places, sweatshops, hotels and motels are not paying those illegals minimum wage, they’re paying them BELOW minimum wage. That’s why you never see blacks and whites doing those particular types of minimum wage jobs.

REAL ESTATE – An illegal immigrant can contact a real estate agent, set up a meeting, be shown houses, choose one, and as long as that illegal has the down payment and is a first time buyer, they can be approved to buy that house, while at no time is proof of citizenship an issue. I can be a black man who is buying my 2nd house, made some bad choices on my 1st home and had to foreclose, got my act together, have a (current) credit score of 780, have $40,000 saved up in the bank, can put $10,000 cash down on the house, and still get denied the option to buy because of my previous foreclosure. Regardless of the fact that they’re “illegal”, what’s more appealing to a real estate agent is when a customer is a first time buyer. An illegal immigrant first time buyer has a better chance of buying a home than a person who has more means, a lot of cash, and a high credit rating, but that made bad choices in the past. The fact that an illegal immigrant from another country can come to this country and buy a house at all completely baffles me. Then, what do they do? They SQUEEEEEEEZE in 10 times the amount of people that were meant to be able to inhabit the house, then most go out during the day and sell their oranges, churros and “Maiz Con Crema Y Queso”. The ones that remain in the house all day are the “breeders”. They’re the ones whose only “job” is to incubate and birth new wetbacks. That’s literally what they do; the men fuck them, they get pregnant then incubate the fetuses to full term. Remember, they’re anchor babies, so even though their mothers are illegal immigrants, the babies themselves come into the world as U.S. citizens. The mothers go to the hospital right before they’re about to pop, and they’re not going to get turned away because REMEMBER, they have more of a right to medical care than that homeless Vietnam vet I mentioned earlier. The end result is an unsafe amount of wetbacks living in a house, breeding countless more wetbacks. America! The land of infinite opportunity and possibility………… (IF YOU’RE AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT).

FINANCES – Illegals can do more than buy a home, they can get bank accounts and credit cards too. About 5 years ago, Bank of America implemented a new policy stating that if you were an illegal immigrant, you could open a bank account without proof of citizenship AND apply for credit. It was designed to cater to illegals that came to this country and needed a place to store their money and establish credit. The reasoning was that illegals had NO credit, which was better than bad credit, so they provided the opportunity for them to them establish credit and savings…..….this was all regardless of the fact that their very presence in this country was illegal, making them criminals by default, and that B. of A. was actually committing a crime by knowingly facilitating financing resources for criminals. I don’t know if you all remember this, but when they implemented that plan, Bank of America had the largest simultaneous exodus of customers in the HISTORY of the bank’s existence! Tens of thousands of customers country wide closed their accounts when they heard about the new policy. You especially had black and white people saying, “Wait, you’re telling me that with all the stuff you’ve denied me of in the past, you’re going to give these ILLEGALS all that leeway?” At no time before or since has B. of A. lost that many customers because of a policy. I don’t blame those customers one bit. Illegal immigrants are no more responsible with their money than the average black person. Illegals fuck up their finances just like black people do. Last I remember, they ended up retracting that policy in hopes of enticing at least some of their (American citizen) customers back. 75% of the customers that left B. of A. because of that policy NEVER RETURNED.

THE LANGUAGE BARRIER – I saved the one that PISSES ME OFF THE MOST for LAST. This is the one where I might lose my cool while writing it. If I do, please forgive me in advance……………
Not only don’t about half of illegal immigrants speak English, they have no desire to LEARN it. In today’s society, the average illegal immigrant has so many of his counterparts around him and so many “little tijuanas” in existence, as long as they don’t venture out too far from their neighborhoods, they can live their entire lives in the U.S. without having to learn a lick of English, regardless of the fact that English is the universal language on the planet, in addition to being the primary language in the U.S. Do we “strongly urge” them to learn our language since they are in OUR country? HELL NO! Instead, we force AMERICAN CITIZEN STUDENTS to take SPANISH classes! How in the FUCK can you be an illegal immigrant living in ANOTHER COUNTRY and you tell that country, “Hey, FUCK your primary language. I instead want YOU to teach MY native language in YOUR school system to YOUR children so that YOU can better cater to MY needs”. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THE AMERICAN EDUCATION SYSTEM THINKING WHEN THEY CAME UP with THAT one????? They want to force OUR kids to learn the language of a race of people, many of which came to our country ILLEGALLY? Let me ask you all something; when you walk into a 7-11, does the Arab cashier speak English? YES. When you walk into a liquor store, does the Korean cashier speak English? YES. When you walk into a French restaurant, does the French waiter speak English? YES. When you walk into a Japanese restaurant, does the waiter speak English? YES. Now, have you ever walked into a corner market, a liquor store, a grocery store, a restaurant, any of which were based in a predominately wetback part of town, and none of the workers in that establishment spoke a WORD of English? I HAVE. I’ve gone to areas in the greater Los Angeles area where NONE of the billboards were in English, where NONE of the employees in (some of) the establishments spoke ANY English, even where the rate charges and directions on the mutha fuckin PAYPHONES are written in ALL SPANISH. If you go to ANY OTHER COUNTRY ON THIS PLANET, they expect YOU to learn THEIR language. They’re not going to cater to you if you don’t know their language. If you get LUCKY, in SOME countries they’ll talk to you in broken English. Then there are OTHER countries where if you try to talk to someone in a different language than theirs, they’ll wave you the fuck on as if to say, “Get the FUCK out of my face since you can’t speak to me in MY language”. Other countries don’t put up with that bullshit, but WE do. You know, it’s ODD how we only tolerate that shit from MEXICAN illegal immigrants. We make NO effort to accommodate or facilitate the native languages of Arab immigrants, French immigrants, African immigrants, Canadian immigrants, Jamaican immigrants, Asian immigrants; the ONLY immigrants whose language we bend over backwards to integrate into OUR society are the Mexican ILLEGAL immigrants. Why is that? If we’re going to do that for border jumpers, why not do it for all the other races I mentioned? I’ll TELL you why. It’s because all the other immigrants I mentioned are GRATEFUL. They’re not in America to start SHIT. They’re appreciative that we let them in and allow them to become a part of our society; all of them except the MEXICAN illegals. They have surpassed blacks as the new arrogant and ungrateful race. They are now the ones that are spoiled; they want the entire U.S. of A. to accommodate THEIR race. They are now the spoiled little brats of america. Other races are TIRED of them labeling every little thing that’s not done in their favor as “racial discrimination”. Mexican illegal immigrants have become, for all intents and purposes, AMERICA’S NEW NIGGERS.

[EPILOGUE] WHEW! That was a long article! My fingers hurt and I think I almost had a heart attack TWICE while writing it, out of anger and stress. It is now 4 DAYS later from when I first started writing, and the article is now done. What it all boils down to is, within the next 10 years, your chances of "succeeding" in this country may be higher if you're an illegal immigrant than if you're an American citizen. At that point, you may as well go to Mexico, destroy all your “legal status” documentation, jump the border BACK into the U.S., then identify yourself as being an illegal immigrant You'll be allowed access to more opportunities that way. The U.S. has become a spineless, pathetic country to live in. If it weren’t for the fact that I'm black, I'd leave this candy ass country and go live somewhere else. The problem with that is they treat black people WORSE in most other countries than they do in the U.S. ;) I hope you all enjoyed reading article this as much as I enjoyed writing it…

LONG LIVE FREE SPEECH! (Just watch what you SAY, mutha fuckas)


Thursday, July 1, 2010


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[PRELUDE] - Before reading the below article, please do yourself the favor of taking notice of my blog’s profile picture. I am BLACK. The last time I wrote an article similar to this in nature, everyone that read it thought I was a racist WHITE man and went off on me, thinking they were going off on a white man. Those people never thought that a BLACK man could be so critical of his own race. GUESS AGAIN. With all the embarrassing actions and decisions that the black race elects, there are PLENTY of black people that feel the same way I do. With that said, please read the below article………and “ENJOY”!
Throughout history, the black race has had every (major) issue that they’ve pursued resolved. Slavery was abolished, segregation was abolished, our [latest] racial classification was modified (from “blacks” to “african americans”), equal opportunity employment was implemented (under the blanket of “affirmative action”), and now we even have a black president. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that black people aren’t still oppressed to SOME degree, but it’s not OVERT anymore. It’s done under the table by the few that still choose to do it, and is no longer commonplace in society. Yes, there are still white assholes in power whose mission is to see that the black race will never surpass the white in terms of social and political control. But even SO, for the MOST part, in 2010 blacks have almost total freedom to pursue any avenue they wish. With that said, most black people STILL complain that they are being “oppressed” by “the white man”. Many black people STILL pull the race card as an excuse for their current predicaments. Most black people that commit crimes say they do so because they feel they HAVE TO because they need to put food on the table for their families because all the good jobs out there are taken up by “the white man”, yet statistically, almost NONE of these DUMB NIGGERS out there committing crimes are in dire straits. All these dumb asses running into liquor stores, other people’s homes, banks, gas stations and robbing them aren’t LITERALLY BROKE. These dummies that are doing all this robbing actually have a place to LIVE. They do all this robbing, then go HOME, some still living with their parents, others living single or with a significant other, the point being they have roofs over their heads, and are NOT destitute enough to have to go out and rob someone else. You have all these niggers out there sticking people up every DAY, and the ones that get caught, arrested and sent to prison somehow find a way to blame their actions on “the white man” and “oppression”.
Financially, why are black people STILL always BROKE? It’s 2010 and black people STILL can’t keep a penny in their pockets. There are a LOT of black people who won’t take certain jobs because they say that they’re not going to work for minimum wage, so they’d rather make NO money as an alternative. We still have MILLIONS of black young FOOLS runnin the streets, livin at home, NOT WORKING because they have no work ethic. They have no desire to become independent. They wanna be fuckin free loaders. Statistically, the average black family has less than $1,000 accrued in dollar worth. That means that the average [black] family household has less than $1,000 of total (cash) value in their bank accounts. We don’t know how to keep / save money. It’s that simple. Black people do not believe in saving or investing. That is not “instant” enough gratification for the average black person. Black people thrive off of material possessions. As a race, we believe that owning material possessions equals happiness / success. We can have NO money saved and be living paycheck to paycheck, but as long as when we GET that paycheck, we buy the newest shoes that are out, the newest clothes that are out, the newest bling that is in fashion, then we feel that we are spending our money “wisely”. The hardest thing in the WORLD to do is to convince a black person to INVEST. Black people see investing as a waste of money because they cannot IMMEDIATELY make use of that money. They are not thinking about 30 years down the road, and how much more money those investments will be worth. Like I said, we need that IMMEDIATE quick fix. We need to flip that money over as soon as it hits our hands. FASHION is the most important financial “investment” in the minds of black people; Living paycheck to paycheck and owning many possessions that will decrease in value within a few years because they will no longer be in “style”. THAT’S how black people roll financially. We never have any money, we spend our money UN-wisely when we get it, we don’t wanna work, and yet somehow we find a way to rationalize all that; to have some sort of lame ass excuse for it. We say that we can’t get a good job because white people get all the good jobs. No, it’s because the white people have the proper EDUCATION and SKILLS to get those “good” jobs. They stay their asses in school and get the education that it takes to get those jobs, which leads me to the next issue, education.
Statistically, black people have the 2nd lowest success rate in completing their education (high school and up). We are second to the mexicans, who are the lowest. It’s 2010. There is NO reason that these little high school niggers shouldn’t be getting a diploma. There are simply too many ways to learn. I WISH that when I went to high school, I had the internet as an option. The internet wasn’t available until 12 YEARS after I graduated, but I DID it. For all you youngsters out there, imagine having to read books for ALL your information and going to the library to study. There was no “GOOGLE” back then, you spoiled, brainless mutha fuckas! In this day and age, with the ease of use of the internet as a studying tool, NIGGER TEENS have the second HIGHEST high school dropout rate (once again, second only to the wetbacks). WHAT THE FUCK? WHO’S GONNA HIRE YOU IF YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA? Don’t you fools GET IT!? In this day and age, employers expect MORE of their employees, not LESS. Standards are HIGHER, not LOWER. You wanna work at “Best Buy” electronics. Who do you think they’re gonna hire, your HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUT black ass, or the other guy who finished high school, and is currently working on a computer repair technician degree at ITT technical Institute ? (oh, and yeah, he’s WHITE). Of course the average BLACK PERSON would be up in arms over something like that, IMMEDIATELY pulling the race card, saying that the white kid got hired because he was white, without knowing either of the kid’s education backgrounds. The point is, education wise, we don’t apply ourselves because we are LAZY, then later on down the line when your education COUNTS, you can’t get ahead in life because you don’t HAVE a (completed) education. Then we wanna blame that shit on “the white man” and “oppression”. There we go with the “blame game” again………
RACIAL DISCRIMINATION is STILL the NUMBER ONE crutch across the board for the black races’ quandary. Every excuse I mentioned above that black people use for why they’re in the situation they’re in is directly or indirectly blamed on racial discrimination. I got NEWS, niggers. WHITE people are not the main ones who hate us anymore. The number one race (the ones who now see us as “the enemy”) is MEXICANS. Don’t get it twisted; most white people aren’t trippin off us anymore. NOWDAYS, when you wanna talk about competition and who’s out to make sure that we don’t surpass them, it’s the Mexicans. Over the past 10 yrs., ironically, “illegal” immigration has given this new generation of wetbacks POWER. They call them “illegal”, but they are getting to the point where they have almost as many rights as American born citizens........wait a minute, that’s all for another article I’ll be writing in the FUTURE. Be on the lookout for that one, it’s gonna be HOT. For right NOW, just know that all that blaming your problems on the white man is played out. We got affirmative action and the loudmouth embarrassing niggers that black people want to claim as the black race’s current “leaders”, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. Jessie Jackson is nothing more than a bad HACK of Martin Luther King and Al Sharpton is racist against whites and uses historical racism (slavery and segregation during the 60’s) as a backlash against all things white. Sharpton is an inverse representation of the Ku Klux Klan. He hates whites simply because they’re white. That’s no better than all the white honkee cracker mutha fuckas out there that hate blacks simply because we’re black. We need to get up off discrimination as being the source of our problems. Yeah, it’s still out there. There are still white people that WANNA trip when they look at us. There are still honkees out there that tell nigger jokes when there are no blacks in the room. But under NO circumstances is discrimination powerful enough in this day and age to keep a black person from getting a proper education, a decent job, and money in the bank. In this day and age, we’re not in these situations because we have NO choice; we’re in these situations because of the BAD CHOICES we’ve made.