Wednesday, June 23, 2010

MISANDRISTS - The "Wicked Witches" of the modern age


Pretty much every person reading this has heard of the term "misogynist" (even though 80% of you don't know how to SPELL it). It is a man that has an intense dislike of women. He's not GAY, he just sees women as highly annoying objects, and other than sex he feels there is no use for them. What many people don't take into consideration is that there are many women out there that feel the same way about MEN. They have a name too. They are called "misandrists". By default, many misandrists are lesbos, but there is an entire legion of misandrists that are straight. They have an instense dislike of men. They see men as pigs, fuckers, assholes, sub human, and any other expletives you can think of. They've basically condemned the entity of the male gender. There are MANY misandrists on the internet. They run amuck because they know that they can criticize men to their heart's content and there would be no repercussions; something that's a lot harder to get away with in the real world. Many of them have bosses and supervisors that are men, yet they have no choice but to be subordinate to those men. On the internet, they don't have to do that. On the internet AND in the real world, I've met misandrists that feel that I am [an example of] a man that perpetuates the essence of the "evil" male gender. WHY? Because I am the type of man that does not put up with any woman that tries to boss men around. I am not one of those men that will sit there and listen to a woman criticize the entire male gender. I will tell a woman in a HEART BEAT that if she wants to sit up and talk shit about men all day and night, take that shit elsewhere and get it out of MY earshot. I respect women enough to the point where I would not sit up and talk about all the things I DON'T like about them while in their presence. Since I have enough respect for women not to do something like that, I demand the same respect FROM them. If a woman is a misandrist, that's her right to be able to feel that way, but that doesn't mean that she gets to force other women to feel like her, or trumpet around a bunch of men about her hatred for them. That's solicitation and it's NOT acceptable. As far as I'm concerned, misandrists need to get the FUCK over themselves.. How in the FUCK can you sit up and HATE men, talk SHIT about men, then turn around and TAKE THEIR MONEY and GIVE THEM PUSSY? If you HATE men, you just HATE'EM. There should be no 2 ways about it. Take your SORRY ass to the LESBIAN side. Don't sit up and talk shit about men, complain about their proclivities, then DATE them. That makes YOU a fuckin HYPOCRITE! Misandrists have a LOT of fuckin nerve. The thing is, they're not uncommon. It's not like they're hard to find. At your job, in your family or in your circle of friends, you probably know of at least one true misandrist. They're not hard to spot. She's that one woman that seems to never get tired of talking SHIT about men. She's that one woman that NEVER has anything good to say about men. She's that one woman that is NEVER around a man unless she's fucking one, or getting money from one. Misandrists will also throw their own family and flesh and blood into the mix. You know who I'm talkin about. She's that one that says her father was a dead beat piece of shit that never did anything for her when she was young. She's that one that says her brother(s) are all useless, lazy assholes that never do anything all day long but play video games and listen to music. She's the one that says that her son(s) are never going to amount to anything and she wishes that they were girls because females grow up to be more productive members of society. She's the one that has fantasies about divorcing her husband because he's a boring ass man that she doesn't relate to on ANY level, but the only thing keeping her in the marriage is the fact that they have kids together. Misandrists are adept at making ANY and ALL men around them feel like shit because of their dislike of them. Misandrists are basically sociopaths. They can't form (or sustain) meaningful, loving relationships with men because they have a skewed perception of all men being nothing more than garbage, so they treat them as such. They do this with no regard for the man's feelings, as they don't see what they're doing as being "wrong". They feel no sense of guilt or remorse about this. They actually think that it's ok to treat all men that way because all men DESERVE to be treated that way. They see all men as toys, objects, THINGS that they can treat any way they want because men are not actually "people" with their own set of feelings. That's classic sociopathic ideology.