Monday, November 1, 2010


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This is an issue that will NEVER die. I used to think that racism was the top issue that would never die. Lo and behold, more people dwell over penis size than racism. Racists dwell over penis size and NON racists dwell over penis size. By default, as I said, MORE PEOPLE. As a matter of fact, penis size is statistically one of the most milled over issues ON THE PLANET. There are men out there right now thinking, “FUCK world hunger. I wonder if [insert female’s name here] thought that my dick was big enough…….”. Inversely, there are many women out there that are at this very moment thinking, “[insert man’s name here] said that he had a 7 inch dick. It felt more like 4 inches when he put it inside me…..….”. Well, there are 2 things that go hand in hand when it comes to penis size; men who LIE to women about the length of their dicks, and women who LIE about the length of their mate’s penis being “satisfactory”. Let me make it clear that this article is not meant to educate the reader about penis size, it is instead meant to EXPOSE women for the LIARS they are when they state that penis size doesn’t matter to them. This article is also meant to expose men for the LIARS they are when they tell women their penis sizes. A poll based on sex and relationships concluded that 50% of men lie to women about their penis lengths before having sex with them. That’s saying that HALF of males out there are embarrassed about the length of their dicks to the point where they LIE to women about its actual length. This same study concluded that 75% of women have at some point lied to a man about the length of his penis being satisfying when in fact it was too short for her pleasure. That’s saying 75% of women out there have at some point LIED to a man that they were fucking that his dick was of a “filling size” when in fact it wasn’t, for the sake of not hurting his feelings. The fact of the matter is that there is no point for women to lie to men, because in the U.S., the penis length that is rated as being “average” is 6 inches. That is across the board, including ALL U.S. men of ALL races. If it was to be broken down further (which I will do later on in the article) there are determining factors (such as race) that further illustrate average lengths between men, with RACE being the determining factor.
The sex “industry” is a multi BILLION dollar per year business. The phrase “sex sells” is one of the TRUEST cliches in existence. There are certain factors that dictate how well the sex sells. Viagra is a prime example. One day, a little blue pill enters the medical marketplace with the claim that when taken, it can make a man’s dick stay erect for up to 4 hours. That’s basically selling the promise that a man can fuck a woman for hours with a strong, hard dick. Do YOU know any men that wouldn’t want to be able to do that? Well, apparently, there are a lot of men that DO want to be able to do that, because as of NOW, Viagra has accrued a current total worldwide sales estimate of HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS. ONE pill that provides ONE sexual performance enhancement = 500 BILLION DOLLARS. Can you say, “SEX SELLS LIKE A MUTHA FUCKA”? Another sex seller; breast implants. Women are just as disillusioned about the size of their titties as men are about the size of their dicks. Yeah, there are some men out there that are shallow enough to say that a woman is “better” if her titties are bigger, but that in and of itself should not be enough for a woman to go out and spend between $5,000 and $15,000 for some FAKE ones. The vast majority of men are turned OFF by implants. Most men will choose small, natural titties over large fake implants. Implants are nothing more than the result of a woman with low self esteem. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule, like women who have a mastectomy, but if the only reason a woman gets implants is “cosmetic” in nature, then that’s a woman who passed up confidence building courses in lieu of a quick fix of implants in hopes that more men will give her “attention”.
PORN………the highest grossing sex commodity of them all. Porn has been around (on video) since the late 1800’s, and it’s current estimate of total sales equals more than 5 TRILLION DOLLARS; that includes all videos, toys, services, etc. up to date. Do you know how much MONEY that is? An industry does not make 5 TRILL unless people feel they REALLY want that product. Everything from videos to sex toys to naughty clothing to prostitutes; it’s all out there for people to get off on in one way or another. When you break it down, there are certain aspects of the trade that sell more than others. When broken down into detailed specifics, you find out what sells the most within a given niche. With standard porn (which is what the majority of society is into), there are certain “guaranteed” money makers. Regarding men who watch porn, they want to see female porn actors with big titties, a small waist, a high sexual libido and a nice ass. With male porn actors, there is a money maker that surpasses all others. One might think that having a buffed, muscular body would be the most common request that women who watch porn have of the male porn actors. NOPE, the highest reported request of male porn actors that women have who watch in porn is, YOU GUESSED IT, a man with a HUGE DICK. That is sought after more by women who view porn than a man with a nice body. A fat male porn star with a big dick is more lucrative in porn than a muscle bound man with a small dick. The porn industry has fine tailored its fulfillments drastically over the past 15 years. The highest selling porn of the 70’s, 80’s, and much of the 90’s featured men of average body size. The ones with the big dicks were the highest paid actors. In the mid 2000’s, porn has done a complete makeover, and from a MALE standpoint, the standards are much stricter. NOWDAYS, in porn, women pay more to see the best of BOTH worlds. The highest paid MALE porn actors are the ones with a combination of the muscled body, a pretty face, AND a huge dick. Women no longer pay their hard earned money for fat, skinny, or flabby men, even if they have big dicks. If a woman is going to dip into her paycheck to pay for porn, the guy has to be built like a Greek god, have a handsome face, rugged to pretty in nature, and have a dick the size of a baby’s arm. Those types of male porn actors are the ones that are sought out and paid top dollar. Since the vast majority of men on the planet are NOT blessed with that genetic combination, then to have even ONE of those attributes gets a man more women than not. And of the THREE, if you ask a man which one he would choose if he could only choose ONE, 99 times out of 100, he’d choose having a huge dick over being handsome, or having the perfect body. The reason for this? In all of history, a large penis has been considered the ultimate sign of male virility. Just think, there are weird, sick women that have sex with male HORSES because of this. A woman’s vagina being completely filled by a giant penis is the single most complete (sexual) fantasy that exists for females. There is no sexual fantasy a woman will attest to that tops making love to a man with a penis that is so long that it’s head taps her cervix on every down stroke. Some women go their entire LIVES never meeting a man with a penis that long, hence the purchase of extra long, human shaped dildos. Have you ever wondered WHY a woman goes out and buys a 10 inch long dildo perfectly formed like a penis? It’s because she wants to know what it’s like to FEEL a giant penis inside of her, VALIDATING the term “SIZE MATTERS”. Women do not go out and buy 3 inch penis shaped dildos. They go out and buy the longest ones that will fit into their pussies, and when they USE them, they pump the dildos so that they can feel the fake head of it hitting their cervix. THAT feels better to them than a REAL man’s 5 inch penis that she can barely feel halfway down her vagina…….once again, because “SIZE DOES MATTER”. We all come in different sizes. This applies to women and their vaginas. There are some vaginas that are not very deep at all. There are some that can only take 6 inches of penis before the head of it is tapping the woman’s cervix. Then there are women who cannot be “filled up” by a 9 inch human penis and have to go out and buy a 12 inch dildo to experience cervical tapping. My penis is 7.5 inches long. I’ve LIED and said it was 8 inches before. I’ve had sex with women where the head of my dick was hitting their cervix on each down stroke, then I’ve had sex with women where my dick head never made it NEAR their cervix, even when fucking them at full, rhino energy pounding. Some women have told me that my dick was huge, others have told me average. The woman’s race usually dictates how she judges size. For example, when I fuck Latinas and white women, about 90% of the time, they tell me that I have a big dick. When I fuck black women, I’d say that only about 25% of them have told me that I had what THEY felt was a “big dick”. The other 75% of black women I’ve fucked have rated my dick as being “average” in length. This brings me to the next subject, penis size according to RACE…………
It has been proven that certain races have a longer penis length “average” than others. Let me start by listing the stats:

1. Asian men – average penis length 4.0 inches
2. Latin men – average penis length 5.5 inches
3. White men – average penis length 6 inches
4. Black men – average penis length 6.5 inches

Next, men (by race) with penis lengths 8 inches or longer

1. Asian men – 0.1 percent of asian male population
2. Latin men – 1.6 percent of latin male population
3. White men – 4.2 percent of white male population
4. Black men – 5.9 percent of black male population

As you can see in both studies, black men rated at the top of the scale. The average length of a black man's penis is 6.5 inches. 5.9 percent of the black male population has a penis length of 8 or more inches. This does dispel one myth in particular. Not ALL black men have “huge” dicks. At the same time, it verifies another myth. Black men (on average) have longer penises than other races of men. What does that mean for WOMEN? It means that (statistically), their chances of fucking a guy with a big dick are highest if they sleep with black men. This is verified by high instances of interracial dating that occur with black men and various races of women. Inter racially, women of other races that date BLACK MEN occurs the most. It occurs more than any other instances of various races of women that date white, latin or asian men. The LOWEST instance of interracial dating interestingly occurs between various races of MEN that date BLACK women. Statistically, black women are at the BOTTOM of the totem pole of females that are sought after by various races of men, “reportedly” due to their overly arrogant and manipulative personalities. Black MEN are the MOST sought after interracial conquests of women of various races due to their penis size. Let me say it AGAIN…………”PENIS SIZE DOES MATTER”. If you’re a black man in today’s society, you’re a “victim” of 2 recurring issues, first and foremost, because of the color of your skin (and your penis size) men of other races are racist against, and jealous of you, and will treat you accordingly as much as they can get away with. The OTHER recurring issue? The WOMEN of those men of other races all secretly want to FUCK you because “statistically” your penis is longer than her man’s. Oh, what a tangled web the black man weaves……..