Thursday, July 1, 2010


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[PRELUDE] - Before reading the below article, please do yourself the favor of taking notice of my blog’s profile picture. I am BLACK. The last time I wrote an article similar to this in nature, everyone that read it thought I was a racist WHITE man and went off on me, thinking they were going off on a white man. Those people never thought that a BLACK man could be so critical of his own race. GUESS AGAIN. With all the embarrassing actions and decisions that the black race elects, there are PLENTY of black people that feel the same way I do. With that said, please read the below article………and “ENJOY”!
Throughout history, the black race has had every (major) issue that they’ve pursued resolved. Slavery was abolished, segregation was abolished, our [latest] racial classification was modified (from “blacks” to “african americans”), equal opportunity employment was implemented (under the blanket of “affirmative action”), and now we even have a black president. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that black people aren’t still oppressed to SOME degree, but it’s not OVERT anymore. It’s done under the table by the few that still choose to do it, and is no longer commonplace in society. Yes, there are still white assholes in power whose mission is to see that the black race will never surpass the white in terms of social and political control. But even SO, for the MOST part, in 2010 blacks have almost total freedom to pursue any avenue they wish. With that said, most black people STILL complain that they are being “oppressed” by “the white man”. Many black people STILL pull the race card as an excuse for their current predicaments. Most black people that commit crimes say they do so because they feel they HAVE TO because they need to put food on the table for their families because all the good jobs out there are taken up by “the white man”, yet statistically, almost NONE of these DUMB NIGGERS out there committing crimes are in dire straits. All these dumb asses running into liquor stores, other people’s homes, banks, gas stations and robbing them aren’t LITERALLY BROKE. These dummies that are doing all this robbing actually have a place to LIVE. They do all this robbing, then go HOME, some still living with their parents, others living single or with a significant other, the point being they have roofs over their heads, and are NOT destitute enough to have to go out and rob someone else. You have all these niggers out there sticking people up every DAY, and the ones that get caught, arrested and sent to prison somehow find a way to blame their actions on “the white man” and “oppression”.
Financially, why are black people STILL always BROKE? It’s 2010 and black people STILL can’t keep a penny in their pockets. There are a LOT of black people who won’t take certain jobs because they say that they’re not going to work for minimum wage, so they’d rather make NO money as an alternative. We still have MILLIONS of black young FOOLS runnin the streets, livin at home, NOT WORKING because they have no work ethic. They have no desire to become independent. They wanna be fuckin free loaders. Statistically, the average black family has less than $1,000 accrued in dollar worth. That means that the average [black] family household has less than $1,000 of total (cash) value in their bank accounts. We don’t know how to keep / save money. It’s that simple. Black people do not believe in saving or investing. That is not “instant” enough gratification for the average black person. Black people thrive off of material possessions. As a race, we believe that owning material possessions equals happiness / success. We can have NO money saved and be living paycheck to paycheck, but as long as when we GET that paycheck, we buy the newest shoes that are out, the newest clothes that are out, the newest bling that is in fashion, then we feel that we are spending our money “wisely”. The hardest thing in the WORLD to do is to convince a black person to INVEST. Black people see investing as a waste of money because they cannot IMMEDIATELY make use of that money. They are not thinking about 30 years down the road, and how much more money those investments will be worth. Like I said, we need that IMMEDIATE quick fix. We need to flip that money over as soon as it hits our hands. FASHION is the most important financial “investment” in the minds of black people; Living paycheck to paycheck and owning many possessions that will decrease in value within a few years because they will no longer be in “style”. THAT’S how black people roll financially. We never have any money, we spend our money UN-wisely when we get it, we don’t wanna work, and yet somehow we find a way to rationalize all that; to have some sort of lame ass excuse for it. We say that we can’t get a good job because white people get all the good jobs. No, it’s because the white people have the proper EDUCATION and SKILLS to get those “good” jobs. They stay their asses in school and get the education that it takes to get those jobs, which leads me to the next issue, education.
Statistically, black people have the 2nd lowest success rate in completing their education (high school and up). We are second to the mexicans, who are the lowest. It’s 2010. There is NO reason that these little high school niggers shouldn’t be getting a diploma. There are simply too many ways to learn. I WISH that when I went to high school, I had the internet as an option. The internet wasn’t available until 12 YEARS after I graduated, but I DID it. For all you youngsters out there, imagine having to read books for ALL your information and going to the library to study. There was no “GOOGLE” back then, you spoiled, brainless mutha fuckas! In this day and age, with the ease of use of the internet as a studying tool, NIGGER TEENS have the second HIGHEST high school dropout rate (once again, second only to the wetbacks). WHAT THE FUCK? WHO’S GONNA HIRE YOU IF YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA? Don’t you fools GET IT!? In this day and age, employers expect MORE of their employees, not LESS. Standards are HIGHER, not LOWER. You wanna work at “Best Buy” electronics. Who do you think they’re gonna hire, your HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUT black ass, or the other guy who finished high school, and is currently working on a computer repair technician degree at ITT technical Institute ? (oh, and yeah, he’s WHITE). Of course the average BLACK PERSON would be up in arms over something like that, IMMEDIATELY pulling the race card, saying that the white kid got hired because he was white, without knowing either of the kid’s education backgrounds. The point is, education wise, we don’t apply ourselves because we are LAZY, then later on down the line when your education COUNTS, you can’t get ahead in life because you don’t HAVE a (completed) education. Then we wanna blame that shit on “the white man” and “oppression”. There we go with the “blame game” again………
RACIAL DISCRIMINATION is STILL the NUMBER ONE crutch across the board for the black races’ quandary. Every excuse I mentioned above that black people use for why they’re in the situation they’re in is directly or indirectly blamed on racial discrimination. I got NEWS, niggers. WHITE people are not the main ones who hate us anymore. The number one race (the ones who now see us as “the enemy”) is MEXICANS. Don’t get it twisted; most white people aren’t trippin off us anymore. NOWDAYS, when you wanna talk about competition and who’s out to make sure that we don’t surpass them, it’s the Mexicans. Over the past 10 yrs., ironically, “illegal” immigration has given this new generation of wetbacks POWER. They call them “illegal”, but they are getting to the point where they have almost as many rights as American born citizens........wait a minute, that’s all for another article I’ll be writing in the FUTURE. Be on the lookout for that one, it’s gonna be HOT. For right NOW, just know that all that blaming your problems on the white man is played out. We got affirmative action and the loudmouth embarrassing niggers that black people want to claim as the black race’s current “leaders”, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. Jessie Jackson is nothing more than a bad HACK of Martin Luther King and Al Sharpton is racist against whites and uses historical racism (slavery and segregation during the 60’s) as a backlash against all things white. Sharpton is an inverse representation of the Ku Klux Klan. He hates whites simply because they’re white. That’s no better than all the white honkee cracker mutha fuckas out there that hate blacks simply because we’re black. We need to get up off discrimination as being the source of our problems. Yeah, it’s still out there. There are still white people that WANNA trip when they look at us. There are still honkees out there that tell nigger jokes when there are no blacks in the room. But under NO circumstances is discrimination powerful enough in this day and age to keep a black person from getting a proper education, a decent job, and money in the bank. In this day and age, we’re not in these situations because we have NO choice; we’re in these situations because of the BAD CHOICES we’ve made.



  1. Very bold statement, but so very true! And you're so right about the competition between blacks & my people. May the stronger & wiser win!

  2. Ok I agree with what you're saying when it comes to about 90% of black people. I myself am black, and was raised in a black household, but my mother worked very hard to provide the best she could for us, and although she is now retired she still works and volunteers because she loves working and being independent. I myself strive to be just like her someday. I grew up in schools that were majority white, so I guess that helps me to understand more of what you're saying and agree with it.

  3. You are so right about the Mexican's hating and surpassing us. I live in Brentwood a community filled with them and their venom makes me laugh. I have did everything right and it has paid off so when they see me leaving my house in my fly car...the men look at me with such disdain and hate it makes me chuckle and laugh. I am now looking for another house to buy in a better comunity that won't except them at all. They have destroyed Brentwood with their gangs and raping of their children especially boys. SO to be honest the only way they will be surpassing us is by having multiple kids and they start at an early age. My daughter never really understands why they have to become mothers at age 10 and up and then they continue and continue. I have seen it all in their community and too me its sickening they are no better than us please lets not put them on a pedestal either. I hear what your saying though...I grew up in a very poor community but with a whole lotta love and neither of my parents went to college but my dad was a provider so my outlook is similiar to yours...Keeping it real we need to stop blaming the white man and look in the mirror and see our potential. I hate writing but felt the need to respond to your blog...can't wait to read the next!!!

  4. I agree with some things in this post. People with this mentality scare me. They blame the 'cracker' but when you look at them they are living the nigger life-full of ignorance. Sad part is that they are so quick to have children then these children grow up to be a burden on society.

  5. this really makes you think! i believe there is a distinct difference between a black perosn vs. a nigger. I have niggers in my family, but the majority of my family graduated college, or joined the military. great to hear other people's opinion on our race....

  6. The majority of what you say is true, and without argument. However, there is such a thing as "institutionalized racism" or something called "white privilege" that we ALL as blacks, encounter daily (knowingly, or not) which isn't so overt. And it most certainly affects how far we are able to go, regardless of how hard we are willing to work. Now this is not to say that there is any excuse for anyone of ANY race who expects handouts, and handles themselves irresponsibly (financially or otherwise), but that in many instances, it is not always as "cut and dry" of a situation for some, as you profess here. And further, sometimes we as black people, are so grateful that we are allowed to even "eat from the white man's table at all" that we become content with just that for ourselves, so happy that we've "overcome" and "arrived", that we get drunk with the power of just the thought of that. And "why can't everyone else do that too??? God knows it wasn't easy for me!" And it was hard as hell. But if things are TRULY equal (really??) in 2010, TRULY "free", then why is it so hard? And why WAS it so hard for those of us who've "made it"? Here's a very insightful, educated (and interesting) perspective from some white people who've dedicated themselves to helping you answer that question. Coming from whites, perhaps it may be juuust a little easier to stomach :)... Take care!

  7. I'm Black. I live in a black man's country (Jamaica) but some what I've just read could i put it.. unbelievably true.

    The bottom line is the black race is to be blamed for much of the oppression that it receives.

    It was the black race that within itself, captured other ethnic/enemy tribes and sold them to the Europeans. Europeans were afraid to enter Africa to do any capturing themselves.

    Many English speaking African descendants are descendants of slaves.

    Am i right or am i right?

    Traditionally, the whites have proven to be more civilized, less tribalistic. This probably allowed technology, standard of living, civilization on a whole to appreciate in European countries. I have no other explanation why that happens. Africa is the richest continent on earth, Gold, Diamond, Oil, Uranium....!!! But somehow the blacks no longer own it.

    If we were as powerful, dominant, or were larger stake holders in the world's resources I wonder if the hatred would be more, or would it be less?

    probably we would be like the Chinese.

    I would not change the color of my skin if i had a choice, but I'd love to change the mindset of the racist Caucasians