Wednesday, July 21, 2010


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Hello, all my blog readers. For a short while, I'm going to have to hold off on writing my usual blood pressure rising blogs. I am going through some things right now that are forcing me to have to deal with them and nothing else. They have nothing to do with my blog site or the internet in general. Until I can sit down and write another anger inducing blog, I sat down and wrote a little something with a bit of levity in mind so that you all have something to read. The hopeful reaction from this particular blog is that it'll put a smile on your face as opposed to you writing me and telling me that you'll be hunting me down. Don't worry, as soon as I take care of this stuff I gotta deal with, I'll be back to writing blogs that will make you either become my staunchest supporter, or make you want to come hunt me down and kill me......
I'm 44 yrs. old. Something that crosses my mind on a daily basis, compared to not crossing my mind for years at a time when I was younger is my AGE. I'm at mid life level. The 1st half is over. When you're young, you think about how one day you'll be reaching middle age. When you're middle aged, the only other thing to think of is how long it will be before you're going to "check out", and you do whatever it takes to delay that process. For now, to keep things light, I sat and wrote a list of things that are indicators that you're GETTING old. Not that you're ALREADY old, because I'm not old YET, I'm at the halfway point. I sat and wrote these on a whim. I'm proud to say that I did NOT google ANY of these. I thought all these up from personal experience. I know that there are tons of "You know you're getting old when...." web sites on google, but all of MINE in my list are ORIGINAL. If you google that phrase, you will find that NONE of the things they include in their lists match MINE. I'm proud of that! If you're in my age range (40 - 54) you're going to be able to relate to most if not ALL of them. I hope you enjoy reading them and hopefully they'll put a small smile on your face. I'll be back to pissing you all off within the next couple weeks. ENJOY!

You remember when ALL TV stations used to TURN OFF at 1 a.m.

Your current TV has antennas on it.

Your first cell phone had a carrying handle mounted on the side.

Your first phone was a rotary dial phone.

You used to put leaded gasoline in your car.

You can recite the lyrics to the song "Cars".

The FIRST time you ever played "Pac Man" was in an arcade.

In your opinion, the scariest movie of all time is "The Exorcist".

You remember when all title shot boxing matches had 15 rounds.

The ONLY way you used to be able to play music in your car was on the radio.

You know what a "Betamax" is WITHOUT having to google it.

Any person under 30 addresses you as "Sir" ("Ma'am" if you're female).

You used to carry 2 dollar bills in your wallet/purse.

Your first typing instrument was a type writer.

You used to have to find a payphone anytime you were not home and needed to make a phone call.

You used to have milk delivered to your home every morning.

You remember when Colonel Sanders was actually IN every KFC commercial.

Your entire music collection used to be on records.

You used to get whipped with a paddle in school when your behavior was inappropriate.

You can no longer drive and / or read without wearing glasses.

You have more gray hair than is feasible to pull out with tweezers.

You have to exercise "regularly" to keep your weight down.

You have any sort of physical condition that is classified as being "chronic".

You can no longer drink milk.

Even if you're not gay, you aren't offended by the term "gay marriage".

You can consistently maintain a minimum balance of at least $5,000 in your bank account.

Your kids come to visit you, they offer to "help you out" around the house.


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