Sunday, August 1, 2010


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Every major atrocity in recorded history can be attributed to the white man. The slavery of Africans, the Holocaust, the manipulation of north America from the Indians, the zealous, never ending perpetuation of racism towards ALL other races, the slaying of Jesus (if you're religious), the creation of the nuclear bomb, the creation and spreading of many diseases.........white people literally rule the world because they have the ability to manipulate others better than any other race on the planet. White people are commonly referred to as "master manipulators". They are literally the BEST at what they do. That's what holds them in the dominant position of power on this planet. Logistically, if all other races decided one day to "rise up" across the planet, the white man could LITERALLY be taken out of power. Have you wondered WHY that has never happened? Why is it with all the terrible things white people have contributed to world history, they are STILL the ones that for all intents and purposes, RUN the planet? (Oh, and for those of you that are saying that a black man [Obama] now has the highest position of power in the free world.....NO HE DOESN'T. NOTHING Obama does that holds WEIGHT can be approved unless it's introduced to the board of whites that control and approve HIS decisions). The “white dominance” dichotomy is that even though they control the free world, they are the most fearful of all races. White people are incredibly surreptitious, underhanded and conniving. Many of them have an intense hatred of other races, yet they don’t have the courage to confront those other races, at least, not from an EQUAL standpoint. For instance, whites are constantly berating the concept of gang banging, but they utilize it as much as any other race. White people will not “stand up” unless there are MANY of them, just like any other gang mentality. A white person by himself will not stand proud in a room full of other races. A white person will only stand proud if they are SURROUNDED by their OWN race and there is 1 minority standing against them. That is the only time when white people will “express” themselves. I will discuss that, and many other issues regarding the devil race, so let me jump right into it.
First things first. The racism between blacks and whites will NEVER end. As long as there are black and white people on the planet, there will be racism between the 2 races. This will go on till the end of humanity. Of all the various racial tensions on the planet, the tension between blacks and whites is the most intense, not to mention the most historical…..WELL, let me retract that. I’d say it’s a tie with the racial tension between the Germans and the Jews (the Holocaust). That’s right up there with African slavery. The only (contemporary) racial tension that can compare is the one between the Mexicans versus whites AND blacks regarding the issue of illegal immigration. Right NOW, that’s the only racial issue that blacks and whites can agree on; to BOTH be against illegal immigration and the immigrating roach wetback Mexicans that are infiltrating the U.S.A. at an exponential pace. Ok, back to the honkees. To this day, many of them don’t like blacks because of the color of their skin, and many blacks don’t like whites because of how they make it a point to keep blacks oppressed as much as they can get away with.
In recent years, what REALLY rings true about white people being afraid of blacks is the whole internet phenomenon. The last time I’ve seen the word “nigger” being used so freely by white people when they refer to blacks was in the history books that illustrated the open racism in the 60’s. It’s AMAZING. All the pent up anger and frustration that white people have had because they know they can’t call a black person a nigger to their FACES has all been alleviated by the advent of the internet. NOW, a white person can call black people niggers without fear of reprisal. Why is it that these same white people won’t do it in PERSON? You KNOW that the majority of these honkees have daily contact with black people. We ALSO know that in the COMPANY of those black people, they’re not calling them niggers. As a matter of fact, they’re not even using the word in GENERAL around black people. But OH BOY! These white honkees get home from school, get off from work, log into the internet and LET LOOSE! Any web site you go to youtube, google, twitter…..all these white people, from teens on up, telling “black” jokes, talking about some black person that pissed them off, but not even calling them “black”. They instead refer to them as NIGGERS, something they could NEVER get away with in their real worlds because they would get their TEETH KNOCKED OUT. You can go on youtube and be watching a rap video, then start reading the comments and all the white people are writing comments like, “Why do all niggers sound the same in their rap songs?” You can be reading some white 15 year old girl’s tweets and among them you’ll see something like, “They just recruited a nigger on our cheerleading squad today. That’s just GREAT. Her brillo pad hair will rubbing all over us during our routines, causing us all rug burns”. Just all kinds of ignorant shit on the net, all posted by scared white people who can’t say it once they leave their homes. The only time you will see white people show their distaste for black people in PUBLIC is if a black person is in an all white area. If a black person is at a mall in an all white area, that’s when the honkees will give the black person dirty looks, or the cashier will give them an attitude when they ring them up, or a security guard will be no more than 15 feet away from them during their entire stay at the mall. Sometimes in an all white area, white people will even be bold enough to make a comment in earshot of a black person, as long as they know that there are 99% white people around to come to their assistance should anything go wrong. You’d better BELIEVE that if a black person jumped on a white person in an all white area, that black person is gonna get LYNCHED by every white person around. All that racism is going to come pouring out as those white people collectively stomp the shit out of that black person. Now, let’s flip the switch on that situation. Let’s talk about what happens when a white honkee goes into an all black area. Can you guess what happens? NOTHING, because white people DON’T GO INTO ALL BLACK AREAS BY THEMSELVES. If a black person has the inner strength and pride to walk around in an all white part of town, but a white honkee will not enter an all BLACK part of town, what does that tell you? Here’s what it tells ME……….WHITE HONKEES ARE SCARED LITTLE CUNTS THAT DON’T HAVE THE COURAGE TO STAND UP FOR WHAT THEY BELIEVE IN, EVEN THEIR OWN RIGHT TO GO ANYWHERE THEY CHOOSE ON AMERICAN SOIL. They can’t tell blacks to their faces how much they hate them, and they’re scared to be around blacks if they’re outnumbered. White people are COWARDS that hide behind the internet, and other white people.
One rift between black men and white men I LOVE: White honkee MEN are, and always will be intimidated by black men because of penis size. That one issue ALONE is the reason why so many white men hate black men. That is ALSO the reason why so many white women LIKE black men. Too bad, WHITE BOYS! You white honkee men will ALWAYS be inferior to black men when it comes to penis size! I WOULD tell you to “get over it”, but that’s not something that the average man can just get over. Does every single black man have a huge penis? NO. Are there some white guys with huge penises? YES. Here’s the problem, “STATISTICALLY” (and that’s the operative word regarding this issue), BLACK MEN tend to average about an inch more of penis length than white men. The average white penis ranges from 5” to 6.5”. The average BLACK penis ranges from 6” to 7”. In addition to THAT, the number of black men with penises over 8 inches is HIGHER than the number of WHITE men with penises over 8 inches. So basically, for you white women that want a big dick or better yet, a HUGE dick, ****STATISTICALLY****, your chances across the board are HIGHER if you pursue a BLACK man than if you pursue a WHITE man. Hell, just ask that white socialite celebrity bitch “Kim Kardashian”. That bitch is white/italian, but she, NOR will her sister touch anything but BLACK men, as they have BOTH stated that BLACK MEN have the biggest and best dick out there, and that’s coming from the mouth of a WHITE HONKEE BITCH!
White people are INCREDIBLY ignorant when it comes to the cultural knowledge of other races. I’m not talking about the regular amount of ignorance that one would have regarding another culture that they know nothing about; I’m talking about ignorant on a HUMAN level. I have heard white people ask questions about black people that you couldn’t even make up! And when they ask the questions, they’re SERIOUS! White people have a really bad habit of believing the stereotypes they see in movies and the media about other races. I CONSTANTLY surprise white people I meet in the real world because they first thing they notice about me is that I’m ARTICULATE. After a few more minutes of conversation, they realize that I’m INTELLIGENT, not “high school” intelligent, but in many instances, smarter than THEM. After THAT, they’re astounded to hear the fact that I’ve never been to jail, I’ve never used OR sold drugs, and I don’t have any kids. One by one, my life’s experiences become a testament to these DUMB WHITE HONKEES that not all black people are like what they’re portrayed to be in the movies and media. Here’s a REAL LIFE conversation I once had with an ignorant white honkee guy. FIRST of all, the only reason we had this conversation was because he wasn’t scared that I was going to knock his teeth out, only because he got to know me over the course of a year. This DUMMY had the nerve to ask me if it was true that black women couldn’t have orgasms. I asked him why he thought that black women couldn’t cum. HERE’S HIS ANSWER, and I’m NOT making this up! He said that he heard about how in Africa, the men used to cut the clitorises off of African women so they could not have orgasms, ergo they couldn’t feel sexual pleasure, which would cut down their desire to cheat on their husbands. He THEN went on to say that he heard because of that, over the years, nature adapted the black woman’s body so that they could no longer feel sensation in their clitoris, which would alleviate the chances of it being removed. He said that all this happened hundreds of years ago, so all of TODAY’S black women’s bodies have this adaptation, this “desensitized” clitoris, that’s why black women can no longer have orgasms. After explaining all that, he looked me dead in my eye and asked me if all that was REALLY true, because of the few black women he’s had sex with, none of them came close to cumming, so he figured there must be some truth to that. After looking at him with no expression on my face for a few seconds, I then told him that there was a MODICUM of truth to that whole story. I explained to him the concept of female circumcision, and that it USED to be done, but is NOW considered to be barbaric, and most of Africa has outlawed its practice. I THEN told him that all that BULLSHIT about how black women’s clits adapted to being cut off so that they’re now born without sensation in their clits was utter BULLSHIT, and the only reason he didn’t make those black women cum was a combination of him probably having a LITTLE DICK, and of his obvious lack of knowledge of how to please a woman sexually. I told him THOSE are likely the reasons he didn’t make those black women cum. I have TONS of other ridiculous questions I’ve been asked by white people, but I have too much other material to cover, so let’s move on. Just let me end this subject by saying that white people need to use some of that time on the internet they spend calling black people niggers all day long to read and learn the TRUTH about other races, instead of believing the stupid stereotypes they hear.
White people actually think that the LAW was created only to SERVE them, but not to APPLY to them. From TV to the real world, ever see a white person interact with the police? When they get stopped for ANY reason, they honestly cannot believe that they are being reprimanded by the law! On 1 of those reality TV shows, I saw a white woman get pulled over by the police for speeding. The white woman went completely ballistic on the cop, REFUSING to accept the fact that he had her speeding on a radar gun. Guess what she said to the cop? She asked him why he wasn’t in a BLACK neighborhood where the REAL crimes were being committed instead of being out where she was, where good, honest, hard working folks lived. When I heard that honkee say that, I realized at that point that must be what ALL white people think. They think that if they live in an affluent neighborhood, or a neighborhood dominated by white residents, then “the law” must respect THEM, because they are WHITE, hard working citizens, and are above being reprimanded for committing any crime that is “minor” in nature, like running a red, light, speeding, etc. White people probably figure that since none of their “kind” break any major laws, (which is utter BLUE WHALE SHIT) then they should be allowed to commit minor infractions in society with impunity. Ever notice how white people in public NEVER pay attention to cops? They never do because they never think the cops are paying attention to THEM. White people walk around, drive around, and act as if the cops don’t even exist, even if one is right behind them, tailing them because they are swerving, or speeding or something. The only white people that are “aware” of the cops around them are “white trash”. The police fuck with white trash all the time because the cops see THEM as being “albino niggers”. They patrol white trash neighborhoods as much as they do black neighborhoods. The best way for a white person to be pissed off for the day is if they’re stopped by a cop. It’s like they actually feel DIRTY, like their actions are being compared to a black person’s. It definitely makes MY day to see a white person pulled over by a cop, ESPECIALLY when it’s a HONKEE that’s been pulled over by a BLACK cop! Now THAT’S the cat’s meow!!!!
White people have death wishes. Not all of them, but enough to say that they are the prevalent race of people that constantly want to push the envelope between life and death. They even created a NAME for themselves. They call themselves “adrenalin junkies”. Apparently, many honkees lives are SO BORING, the only way they can feel “alive”, or vindicate their purpose in life is by going out and trying something that rises their adrenalin levels to the point where they feel “high”. Only problem is, the activities they choose are (many times) ones that can get them KILLED if ONE thing goes wrong. To THEM, if they don’t get enough adrenalin flowing through them to get them high, that means the activity wasn’t dangerous enough, so they have to do something MORE dangerous. Some like to bungee jump, some like to parachute jump, some like to fuck with wild animals (those are MY personal favorites), some like to drive vehicles that can almost LITERALLY go half the speed of a BULLET, some like to climb high man made and / or nature based structures without protective equipment, some like to do wild, dangerous and bizarre stunts. No joke, a white guy once asked me, “Haven’t you ever felt that your life was so boring that you needed to try something to let you know that you were still alive?” My reply to him was that I had a gun put in my face and was almost shot by a cop, I was beaten unconscious with a baseball bat by gang bangers, my car has been stolen AND broken into multiple times, 2 blocks from my pad someone tried to blow up a bank, which shook 2 blocks away, I stood and watched a man's head get blown off with a shot gun at point blank range (that one still gives me nightmares), I saw a guy get stabbed multiple times at the beach while onlookers did nothing but take video of the stabbing, then of the guy subsequently laying there bleeding to death, I randomly walked up to what I realized was a rape in progress in some bushes........I then told him that if he wanted to constantly be reminded that he was “alive”, then simply move his WHITE ASS into a bad neighborhood. I told him that he’d get DAILY REMINDERS that he was INDEED “alive”………
Even though honkees more or less rule the world, in many ways, they are the inferior race. If you think about it, honkees really aren’t that GOOD at much of anything other than world domination. They are CONSTANTLY trying to emulate other races, intellectually, culturally, spiritually, physically, you name it, and white people are trying to absorb it. Honkees are notorious for trying to emulate black people in multiple arenas. They call us “niggers”, but they risk SKIN CANCER by going to the beach and cooking themselves to get as dark as they possibly can. Blacks dominate the all the world’s highest grossing sports (with the exception of soccer). Here’s a fact for all you honkees. Did you know that YOU finance live sports more than any other single race? In other words, white people buy more tickets to live sporting events than ANY OTHER RACE. If all honkees decided one day that they would no longer buy tickets to basketball, football, baseball, and golf games, those games would lose so much money, they’d have to be discontinued. With ANY other race, that would not happen. If all black people stopped buying tickets to the aforementioned sports, it would barely put a dent in the economy of any of those sports. With wetback mexicans it doesn’t matter because the only thing THEY pay to see is soccer. With Asians it doesn’t matter because as a culture, they consider sports to be barbaric, so for the most part, they don’t indulge in them. WHITE people keep live sports alive. You know WHY? It’s because they’re INFERIOR in them. They have to pay to SEE sports because many of them don’t have the physical agility to PLAY sports. They have to participate from the stands because they don’t have what it takes to be on the field / court. Then there’s dancing. Seriously, if you put 50 white people and 50 black people in a room and said “The best dancer in this room wins 1 million dollars”, do you think the winner will be WHITE? HELL NO. I don’t know what it is with white people and their general lack of rhythm, but that’s not a myth. Most white people cannot get down on the dance floor. Every once in a blue moon, you’ll see some anomaly honkee that’s got good rhythm, but that’s the same difference as once in a blue moon, seeing a white boy with a 10 inch dick. The operative term is “ONCE IN A BLUE MOON”. White people try every religion on the earth. I don’t know ANY black buddhas, but I’ve seen white ones before. I’ve seen white muslims, white Satanists, white EVERYTHING as far as religion, but most other races don’t do too much religion hopping. Most other races don’t treat religion like a wine tasting event where they try one, spit it out, then try another, and so on. That’s what honkees do, though. They try different religions like pairs of shoes. Another is food. White people will try any food from any culture on the planet. Me personally, I’m not eating monkey brains, or boiled eyeballs for ANYBODY. Put that shit in front of a honkee. They’ll get that stupid “white man” grin on their face, then chuckle and say, “Aw HECK! Why not? I’ll give it a go!” and eat whatever it is on that plate in front of them. Why do you all think that all these weird ass restaurants with people from all these cultures do so well in the U.S.? Because the weirder it is, the more WHITE people want to try it! Just about every culture in the U.S. has some restaurant where they charge ridiculous amounts of money for gross foods, and most of their customers are WHITE, not even their own race! White people are always trying to DRESS like other cultures, MOSTLY BLACK. How many times do you remember seeing a muslim walking down the street, dressed hip hop style? NOW… many times have you seen a HONKEE walking down the street dressed hip hop style? I’ve seen a WHOLE LOT of THAT, and I’m not just talking about the kids and teens. Contrary to “popular belief”, black people don’t dress hip hop style into their adult hood. When we’re hard working adults with jobs, we dress like we have some SENSE, BUT…..most black people as adults still have a sense of style that is clean but casual. White people emulate THAT style too. I’ve seen PLENTY of cool white dudes that get the chicks, but they’re dressing like cool black brothas that get the chicks. Those cool white boys are not DRESSING like NERDY white boys, not even CLOSE. They sit back and watch the smooth brothas in the clubs and pick those styles up, then EMULATE them. You know what, after all this stuff I’ve just listed that white people emulate from other races, I’m starting to realize that white honkees are like viruses. They infiltrate their host system (other races), then in order to survive and fit in within that host’s ecosystem (society) they attempt to emulate and replicate until they’ve taken over the host = THE CURRENT CONTROL OF THE FREE WORLD THAT THEY NOW HAVE. That’s what it boils down to; white people are like viruses, and all us other races are one giant host mechanism……..


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  1. I'm a 45-year-old white guy. I found your take on "the white man" very interesting. A lot of what you said is true, but you've also got a lot of misconceptions about white people, but that's your experience talking from growing up and around the area you did. I grew up in an alleyway downtown in a big city, and I've spent a lot of time working with black folks, and still do, 5 days a week. I've had my car stereo stolen, had my house broken into and stuff stolen, even had my house burn down when I was a teenager. You're right; there will always be "quiet", anonymous racism. I don't call people the "N" word behind their back, online, or even think about using it, honestly, but then I'm probably the exception. The way I act around black people is the same as I act around white people; with respect. That's really the name of the game. White people, seems to me, are afraid of black people because 1. they're afraid (stupidly) about some kind of crime happening around them or to them, 2. most younger black men have that hard stare whether they're in a white neighborhood or black neighborhood, that makes most white folks nervous, and 3. it just makes them (whites)uncomfortable in general because it's not a common situation for them. For me, I'm used to being with all kinds of people, so I don't have the same kinds of prejudices like the people you've seemed to talk to. Lots of white people are really pissed about the economy now, and how the rich folks are getting rid of the middle class, how everyone's losing their houses and jobs, probably lots of both races. I'm worried what the next 50 years are gonna bring for the people who aren't millionaires, since 1 percent of the population have 90% of the wealth, and they're getting richer. Just because some of us are white doesn't mean we're not angry about what's gone on on Wall Street, with these guys getting million dollar bonuses for bankrupting companies and people. What happens when we're out of oil and worse yet, when China stops buying our debt and they demand payback... that's 1 mess I'd like to hear your opinion on. P.S. I'm not your average white male in that "other" department, either.

  2. hahahah. lol @ "Average white male in that "other" department"

  3. I must say you've made some good points in this blog here. But, there is so much more to the mess of the so-called "white man". Let's start with their history with the (HUE)man race. Since they got to earth they have been destructive of God's creation from the earth to his (HUE)man creation. When you think back to the history of the white man you'd realize from the beginning they have lied, stole, commited murder, rape, deceived, adulterers and any other negative things you can add to the list; I'm sure they've done it all. I'm going to skip to today, people think that they have freedom when it's really FREE-DOOM! It's not freedom, don't be fooled. I'm gonna give you some verses from the Bible that noone can deny is describing the nature of the white man. First Proverbs 3:31,32 (assumeing you have & have read this verse now) who is the opressor in this world???? Ummkay next scripture John 8:44 I kinda touched on that scripture in the beginning of this comment the white man has lied and done evil from the moment they got to earth. I got more but I need to make this comment shorter there is much to be talked about on this subject MUCH (I need to get to bed)! But I was saying how we aren't free, which we aren't not unless your living a God like life anything else is the ways of the white man which means that your spiritually dead. B.asic I.nstruction B.efore L.eaving E.arth is the only way to be FREE of the white mans ways. I got more but I really do have to go right now contact me at

    Also I do apologize for being all over the place in this comment I just had a lot on my mind and didn't know how to squeeze it all in before I tapped out for bed. Okay I'm leaving lol Goodnight!